Begging pets at the dining table…

Do you have dogs who beg at the table?

They bark and whine just waiting for a crumb of some tasty human food.

I have that.

When I eat at the breakfast nook table I have 3 dogs begging. Loudly whining that moves on to barking.

But at my dining table I have something else.

I get my house shoes chewed on.

My leg nudged.

Something trying to get in my lap.

My culprit…

Banjo Bunny! He lives in my dining room. It’s his space. All by him self. All day. So when we come in to eat, he is begging to be petted, no matter how many times you pet him in a day its never enough. Then we have to give him our fresh veggies, which he won’t eat unless he is loved on first.

So why he is beggin’ for lovin’ this is going on, begging to get in.

But its quiet while we eat, which is wonderful.

Have you ever trued to get a close up of a bunny? Well these are the kinds of photos you end up with.

He is super cute.

See ya later!

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Rising Sun

I had to grab some shots of the rising run this morning. The sun was peeking through the clouds and the rain drops were glistening on the branches. It was a beautiful site, which is gone now. The clouds have hidden the sun.


I am not sure what the dot is on this photo. Maybe an alien? I’m not an expert, I’m just guessing. It was only showing up on this photo below.

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Are you interested in CBD Hemp Oil?

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Preparing for Spring to arrive and a RIT project…

I have been trying out some spring decor around the house. Today I am working on the family room.

I am pulling some throws out, bunnies, flower arrangements, pillow slip covers, and anything else to make it feel Springy.

This post also gives me a chance to introduce my spring slipcover and our new hardwood flooring that is still not done but you can see it is beautiful. I love my bright family room.

For my spring slipcover I dyed it using RIT Pro Line in Neon Green. It makes a wonderful fresh newly grown grass color. We just love it. And I have discovered that the RIT Pro Line works better than the regular version of RIT. The Pro Line is powder and so I took extra care to make sure I got the water nice and hot on the stove and kept stirring. I then poured it through a strainer into my “dye mixing pitcher” to carry to my washer. The color is consistent. It is perfect.

Here is how it turned out, along with my spring pillows, aka Alice in Wonderland are my spring pillows. Then we will move on to some other items. I am still working on my wall behind the sectional. Right now I only have a chalkboard with a bible scripture.

Now we move on to my little sitting area behind the sectional. It is bright and I like to sit on my bench and look out the front windows or pick up a magazine to flip through. I also like to store some of my throws not being used on this old wood ladder that was left in the out building by the previous owner. I have a new found love for old wood ladders. I have a huge one in the garage waiting for nice weather to paint it.

Now for some other fun stuff, my mantle. Up there I have some old jars filled with shells, some bunnies, my Young Living essential oil diffuser, an old oil lamp, and some of my favorite books. And the wreath is made of wood shavings. I actually picked that up from Aldi grocery store last year for under $20 though I don’t remember the exact price.

Here we have some of my favorite books. I like to display my books and I through some magazines in to fill spacing. In the summer I will put some summer/beach inspired fictional books back up.

One of the books is a signed book by David T. Smith. It is not necessarily a fave but my husband use to build furniture for David. My husband owned his own furniture company where he did a lot of Shaker reproduction and other customs made wood furniture. And David would hire him to make certain things. One day I might share his Shaker cherry end tables and coffee tables he made and sold by David. There is a story behind the set we have. Maybe I will do that in the next week.

I hope you enjoyed my creativity!

Spring is almost here, or at least its suppose to be.

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Hardwood flooring finally…

We are finishing putting down the last hardwood flooring. We originally left the original hardwoods for the character but it was in bad shape, missing pegs and chunks missing and had been sanded so many times we couldn’t have done it again. So we replaced it with the hardwood that is through the whole house. We are almost finished with this 3 year long renovation. We can’t wait for it to be done and move on to the next chapter. Renovating can be fun, we enjoy it. But after living in a house for almost 3 years with it not being finished gets tiring. We have vowed our next house will not need any major things done. But we will see.

Taking up the old peg floor.

Putting down the new. You will see finished photos in the next post.

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My baby…

Just sharing a photo of my baby, one of them. Nessie my mini long hair dachshund. I am going to start sharing random photos so I hope you like them.

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Be Still When You Are Feeling Overwhelmed

peace be still

Do you ever have days, just normal days, where things just feel overwhelming? Not for any know reason, because after all, it is a normal day. Sometimes I feel this inner nudging that life in general is just overwhelming and I am not sure why. I am not talking about those times when you know you have a ton of things going on and life is just crazy for a few days. I am talking about that quiet tugging that makes you stop and go “What is that feeling?”

I have to stop and ask God if he is trying to tell me something.

Is he trying to tell me I am trying to be a super mom/wife when I don’t need to be?
Is he trying to tell me I am taking on more than he wants me to?
Is he trying to tell me I am trying to control my life when in fact he is in control?

For me, its probably all of those scenarios, and more. What about you?

It is times like this that we need to stop what we are doing, head to our prayer “closet” and have a heart to heart with God. Ask Him “Why am I feeling this way”? Pray and wait quietly for Him to speak to you. Sometimes we just have to sit and wait for Him to talk back during our prayer time. Do you ever pray and then just sit and listen? That is probably hard for a lot of us. We want to quickly pray and say Amen and go on with what comes next in life. We need to train our selves to listen to His voice. I know its hard for some of us. But we can do it.

Let me challenge you to pray and sit quietly for as long as you can this week to see if you can hear His voice.

Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.  Psalm 46:10

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Sharing the sun setting…

The sun is setting and the sky is a beautiful orange and purple then to pink. As I sit here the orange, shows up as pink in the photos, is getting even more brilliant. It’s a positive here while there is flooding in the areas around us.

These photo are not doing it justice, I am not an expert photographer and I’m learning to use my new phones camera. But I hope you enjoy them anyways. (I was trying to keep my neighbor’s houses out of the photos for privacy).

Thank God for His wonders in the sky.


5 And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.

6 And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.

7 And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.

8 And God called the firmament Heaven. And the evening and the morning were the second day.

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My front door has been stolen!!

OK, so maybe not my actual front door is stolen, but the color has been. I’m sure of it, yep yep. By HGTV Magazine!

Ok, so maybe they didn’t steal my color but it did make the front cover of their magazine.

Back in October 2015 I posted about our new front door makeover and the color I used. Click HERE to see that post if ya like. I always get a kick out of seeing something on TV or in a magazine after I “already did that ” or wanted to do that but didn’t.

The color is Behr’s English Daisy.

We get complimented on it all the time. It has become our “landmark” when people come to our house or we have pizza delivered. “It’s the house with the yellow door” I tell them.

Here is the HGTV Magazine that our door, hhehemm, color is on.

The October 2017 issue. I don’t know why I have not posted this until now. Probably because of all the holiday fun and my lack of posting.

I know the quality is not that great but I’m doing this at night with a regular light and I prefer natural lighting.

I hope you enjoyed this fast post.

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Mission: Dyed IKEA Ektorp Sectional (IKEA hack)

I didn’t take a before photo but if you’re looking for an IKEA hack then you are probably familiar with the Ektorp. But here is a stock photo just in case.

I have had this sectional for several months knowing we were going to dye the white slipcovers a color that fits us. This is just the beginning by the way, I have more colors coming soon. I want a back up set for when this one is being washed or for different seasons for a bright pick me up.

We have contemplated colors for a while. And we couldn’t decide on if I should tackle this size of a dye job in our front loader that I am constantly dyeing smaller jobs in.

So we decided to buy a cheap non HE top loader for this project and we hooked it up in our basement to our utility sink there.

I did run into a few small issues. One being that I ended up with a few bleach spots. I am assuming it is from my front loader not rinsing the bleach out well on my prewash (that I did right before dying to get it clean) and to wet the fabric for dyeing. The second is my seat cushions are 2 shades darker. I am guessing this is because I wash the seat cushions every week or two, and if dirty they can be washed several times in a week. I have pets, 3 small dogs and 2 cats not to mention the smaller pets, so keeping them spotless is a little work. My back cushions and base have only been washed one time and they are a consistent color and they were dyed separate. I thought about it and since I wash the seat cushions a lot I don’t mind they are darker because they will probably blend after a few washes, so no biggie! And the photos make them look much darker than they are in reality.

So here goes:

We used RIT Dye in Sunshine Orange

I used 3 bottles for the base slipcover and 4 bottles for the cushion slip covers.

A container of salt, 1 cup per load to help set the color to stay.

Hot water!

I set the washer on the longest setting and restarted it just once before it started to rinse and let it do its “thang”! Then ran 2 wash cycles to rinse them out. I always partly dry my slipcovers before outing back on.

I hope I didn’t leave anything out.

I hope you enjoy my project, even if its not your kind of color or you are not a brave soul like me. I have lots of fun doing projects. I have a lot I have not posted but may do those later.

You will notice some lines lightly in the fabric. Those I love. They were an accident but I love how the give the fabric a suede or sub bleach beachy affect. The dye stuck to some water mineral stains in the washer I could not get out and ended up on the fabric. I didn’t think that would happen but it did. It gives it a nice rustic feel. And the lighting really affects the colors. Its very sunny and bright. I’m thrilled with how it turned out.

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