Hallmark Christmas Giveaway…

Is it ever toooo early to talk about Christmas? Not to me.

Well we all know that Hallmark Channel feels the same as I do when it comes to Christmas. And right now they are running a contest in conjunction with my favorite tree company www.BalsamHill.com.

If you head over to www.hallmarkchannel.com you can enter to win a decorated home for Christmas.

I am not affiliated with either site. I just wanted to share because I am so excited. I hope I win but if I don’t, I hope you do!

While you’re at it, check out my 2 favorite trees Balsam Hill offers. I own the Aberdeen tree and I love it but its just not as big as the Durango nor is it different like the Denali. The candlelight led lights are cool if you like a soft glow. They also offer regular incandescent lights and unlit options. I think the Denali would be awesome in a nautical theme. And if you love to display ornaments and have room the Durango would be awesome as its extremely wide.

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DQ Star Spangled Blizzard or Sonic…

Get this while you can. We picked one up at Dairy Queen the other day. We don’t go there very often but we thought we would splurge. We usually go to Sonic for half priced shakes, and I almost always get a Green Apple Cream Slush with Rainbow (Nerds) Candy.

The Star Spangled Blizzard was pretty decent. The red ice cream I assume was cherry because it was so light in flavor I couldn’t tell. That was under all this other yummy goodness of Rock Candy and a big dollop of vanilla ice cream with a side order of an ice cream truck style popsicle. That was probably the thing that had the most flavor.

Overall it was yummy but I will stick to my Sonic Cream Slushes. And I know this goes against my Paleo diet, but I am not a 100% Paleo, and will probably never be 100%.

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First Autumn edition magazine and I am already preparing for fall…

Is it really that time of year already? That time of year I start getting Autumn editions of my magazines!

Apparently so and here it is…

And here is a little project I have been working on the last week. My florist daughter has given me a few flower arrangements and I have begun to dry them out for use this fall in some decor. Now I have an issue with how am I going to protect them during my move at the end of next month. I am hoping a box will do.

But here they are, the drying flowers and fillers.

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Banjo Bunny Videos…

Banjo was having fun in his temporary space so I thought I would share with other bunny lovers.

We are preparing to move so Banjo has to have a smaller space since his normal space is being used for box storage while we pack. He normally has way more space but he doesn’t seem to mind the smaller space right now.

In the first video he is trying to get his Apple Stick (from Small Pet Select) out of his toy box. The second video he is playing in his IKEA tunnel (cat section). You can also see his IKEA bed (toy department doll bed) in the corner of the first video. He plays on it and chews on it but doesn’t sleep in it unless I put it in his cage. They are raw pine so its safe.

Banjo’s normal space. I bet he is going to love his new space in his new home named Christmoose Cabin (as of now, that could change) in September.

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a look in to my house…

We have sold our home and will be moving on. It’s the end to a 2 and a half year renovation. I love how bright the house is, it has lots of windows. This is also the first house that I have ever painted white on a lot of walls.

When we have rented in the past, all the walls were white and I hated it. I felt like I was living in an asylum with padded walls. I just couldn’t stand it. But since those early years I have learned how to make my bright colors pop and I have come to like white walls. I don’t think I would ever like all my walls white however.

Any who!

I wanted to share the photos I took of some of our rooms, mostly all cleaned up like we don’t live in our house. Then later in a few weeks I will share photos of the new pad, which is going to be a challenge for me to decorate. My challenge being that its a log cabin and I decorate in bright beachy cottage.

I think these are pretty self explanatory. They are not in any particular order.

The above photo is of the room we use as the dining room and is where the Guinea Pig cage is and Banjo Bunny’s cage is. Usually there is a large rug down and Banjo has full run of the room (blocked off of course).

The laundry room is painted one of my favorite colors by Sherwin Williams called Electric Lime. The valances are made by me and have little flamingos.

Below is the office where I do some of my writing for this blog.

Below is the master. I was nice enough to home buyers eyes and flipped my quilt to the boring side but in the flooding photo is the oversized king quilt I made. Lots of flamingos in it lol!

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Tic-Tac-Toe, Pinterest Style…

Kiki and I use to play this old time past time game when she was younger. She is now into checkers which she plays with her dad on a Cracker Barrel knit board (you can buy at any C.B.).

But one day I was on Pinterest looking for rustic ideas for my cabin decor and stumbled on tic-tac-toe boards painted on logs and other materials. So this gave me the idea to paint a board on my little breakfast nook table that I “made” my hubby build (trying to get a furniture maker to build something out of 2×4’s or what ever is like pulling teeth, he thinks real furniture has to have dove tails and all that fancy stuff, and definitely not painted!)

So I wanted this to look rustic, like you went in the paint cabinet and pulled out random paint and slapped it on for some fast fun. I didn’t perfectly measure and I didn’t want perfect taped off lines, or even.

Then I made my way to Hobby Lobby, to support a local store, and Christian company, and searched for playing pieces. I originally was going to use sliced wood coasters and stamp or stencil pinecones and pine trees on but that was too expensive for me, and my hubby could get his chain saw out for that one.But I found Moose cut outs for .39 cents each, and I painted them with spray paint I had left from other projects. They also had bears but not enough for me to use. I also bought little cheap felt stickers to put on the bag to raise them off the table a bit for easy grabbing.

I also thought of using pinecones and I still may at some point. I may even use an old stump and make another board sometime.

Here is my super fast and fun project.

P.S. you may want to put a clear coat on this to protect it long term, but I like the wore out look so I won’t be protecting it. It will probably be painted over one day anyways.

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Curtain vs. Valances dilemma…

I am giving my family room a facelift. I am incorporating blue plaid, I love plaids that are blue based, and I can’t figure out should I do plaid curtains or plaid valances.

Right now I have shabby chic ruffled white curtains. I have been looking at them for years and to be honest, I just don’t want to look at them any more.

Here is what the wall looks like now, a DIY galvanized pipe curtain rod spanning the wall.

One of my dilemmas comes from the door way meets the window edge by about an inch so I have to pile a panel to the corner on the right. With a valance it looks more like the valance ends into the wall so it doesn’t look so obvious.

My issue with valances is that I feel “whole wall” valances are only suppose to be in areas like bay windows. Is there a rule against valances going from one wall to the next? I am not an expert, though I do tend to do what I want in decorating, often breaking rules. Decorating rules are more like guidelines, right? Well they are to me.

I think I need panels but was considering valances to hheemm save money on fabric. Though the fabric I am buying is “buy more save more”. But I am not sure it would off set much cost if I have to buy 15 yards to get it cheaper. I will also be making throw pillows and maybe a valance to add to my drop cloth curtain that I have over my sliding back door.

What are your thoughts? I would love to hear.

This plaid blanket I made is similar, same colors, to the fabric I will be using.

And this is the view you would get of the curtains/valances behind the sofa. I might paint the wall around my fireplace a royal or navy-ish blue. Not sure yet. One decision at a time please!

And my newest DIY chalkboard. Hanging over the sofa. I painted it (I use kitchen cabinet doors to make chalkboards) Rust-oleum Indigo blue. (I also did my wrought iron patio furniture the same. Next post for that one.)

Still deciding on other wall design items. I may go nautical in here for while, then in fall change it up again because I will probably be bored with it by then.

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My Jeep Wrangler…

Meet Moose. No Explanation needed, really….

First we will start with some stock pics, then move on to the in process, and then finished. The after build photos don’t show the color right and I blame the weather not my mobile camera taking skills ­čÖé


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Eager for summer to come

In preparation for summer I have been trying out some throw pillows and blankets.

I like to move things around the house every few months, or with the season. Summer is one of my favorite decorating themes, I will even decorate for summer in the winter so I can be inspired. I have SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder. I get really lethargic and can become depressed in the winter. It’s not that I don’t like winter, I just don’t like gloomy cold days. I am ok if I can keep my furnace on 80 and turn all my lights on, but I can’t lol. I love snow though, so if I had snow to look out at I would be happy, for a few days. This is one of the reasons I love bright colors. It helps my mood, keeps me moving most days, and gives me a since of hope that it will be sunny and hot out one day soon.

Back on topic!

Several months ago I dyed my Ikea Ektorp slipcover in RIT’s Pro Line Neon Green (they are now offering the neon colors in the regular bottles yay!).
It has been washed several times and is holding up well. I have not noticed any color fading. I don’t wash the base cover as often as the cushions so I think fading would show.

So now I am trying out some pillows and throws that will match my Macaw painting that I currently have hanging on the fireplace. I may switch it up and do flamingos but I am not sure.

What do you think? Should I try different colors? Patterns?




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Ladders are my latest obsession…

I have a thing for old wooden ladders.

I have 3 in my collection, though one is still waiting for warmer weather to be sanded and cleaned and possibly painted. It is very long, it is as long as my Jeep or maybe longer. In its former life it was used to get on roofs. When it is finished I will share it. It may be one I have to put on a wall and use to showcase books or to organize movies.

So far I have my tall step ladder I use to hang blankets on. Then I have my newly acquired small step ladder. I have not decided what to do with it yet but I currently have it in my laundry room in case I need to get to a top shelf. Though it may become a planter ladder. I just thought I would share. Next I will be sharing my freshened up family room. I changed a few things around, picked up some new throw pillow covers, pulled out some throws/blankets to rotate. That’s what I do about every month or two, rotate things around. I get bored. I am a domestic goddess and a home body and so I get bored looking st the same things day in and day out, and I like to create things. I like to decorate and my home is the only home I get to decorate, so I switch things out a lot. I love to do it. Its fun.

Enjoy my ladders.

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