Our Beloved Pets

This is a page about our beloved pets, past and present. There is a mosaic at the bottom. I will add to it as I load more photos or find them on my external HD.

Banjo Bunny is our newest addition. He was rescued by concerned neighbors and Kelly from Pampered Pets (KY), because he was running around outside all alone.


We adopted him and he is the best bunny. He is so loving and well behaved. I couldn’t imagine what type of person would let him out thinking he would survive, if that was what happened. He doesn’t like his large cage and has escaped several times, into his secured “bunny room”. He is very well litter trained, so much so that if we didn’t have dogs and cats, I would let him be a free roam bunny. Banjo lives in a modified large C&C Cage, only at night. He free roams his “bunny room” all day (aka the dining room).

Bash and Mable Pig:  Mable and Bash share a split C&C cage. Mable we picked up from a caring family who could no longer keep her. Her story is simple, she went from one loving child, for 4 years, to another forever.


Bash’s story is different. We found Bash online, over a year before Mable. We went to see him and when we saw his living conditions, we knew we would bring him home. He lived in a tiny cage, in a condo with over 7-9 cats tormenting him. He was scared, didn’t like being held, and he bites. But when my daughter picked him up, the lady said my daughter was the only person that held him that he didn’t fight and he was enjoying it. He must of known he was in safe and loving hands.

(Links are non-affiliate. I just like the cage design. I build my own with Whitmore Cubes I buy on Amazon. I like to buy my coroplast from C&C Cages though. Its easy and the prices are not bad, the shipping though can be expensive through them though.)

Aslan: We adopted Aslan years ago from a local humane society.

Some More Pet Pics to Share

He was estimated at 2-4 years old then. We guess him to be around 14-16 years old. He is getting up there. He was a supposed stray but the ladies at the society said they think she turned him because he was spraying from not being neutered. I don’t know but he is an awesome cat, except for his hair ball hacking lol.


Nessie and Brantley: Sisters! Same dad, just different litters. Mini Long Haired Wieners!


Cute and Rotten describes them.

Especially Nessie, plainly rotten! Nessie is about 8 pounds, Brantley is about 12 pounds. Her nick name is Chunky Monkey. Nessie is the oldest at 5 and Brantley is 3.


Rusty: The best dog ever! Everyone loved him. His story…
Rusty was rescued years ago in Indiana. His rescuer found him running down the road. She knew where he was from.

Some More Pet Pics to Share

She knew he was from an abusive home so she immediately took him to one of her foster’s homes. That weekend she brought him to an adoption event at our local Petsmart. I just happen to run in with my girls so they could pet the doggies. As I passed the cage Rusty was in they wanted to pet him. I said no because “he looks like a chow”. We walked right by and never looked at him again. The following weekend the whole family went to Petsmart. My husband was bit by a chow when he was a kid so I never thought I would see him walking up to me with this “chow” on a leash and him with a huge smile. He was so excited and was telling me how sweet he was. I was like “yeah right”. Long story made short, we walked him around the store as he hiked his leg on everything. Then we filled out the application. Then we took him home and the rest was history. Best loving dog ever. Well behaved but I am sure that came from being beat into submission by his previous owner. His last few years though were not well for him, though he tried to make us happy. He was developing muscle weakness. He eventually got to where he could not climb stairs or walk on any floor that was not carpeted. While living in NC, no vet could tell us what was wrong with him. We brought him back here to Ohio and took him to our vet here. He had cancer. We had him put to sleep. Our vet, who is a trusted family friend, said he could see the peace in his eyes after administering the shot to put him to sleep. He was no longer in pain. I think its very selfish of people to keep pets alive when they are in pain and/or can’t live a fulfilling life. We think they are happy but they are not, they are just trying to please us. I would rather know my beloved pets are happy and playing in heaven waiting for me to see them again, instead of being selfish and keeping them here.

These 2 live here but are my daughters, and they are waiting to go home with her one day.

Biscuit and Dipper: Dipper was adopted from the same humane society as Aslan. IMG_20160411_222750

He was 4 months old and was my daughters 18th birthday present. He is a super sweet big orange kitty.

Biscuit: UPDATE: He has seen a chiropractor and put on some natural supplements and activated charcoal. Several months have gone by since then and he is almost a new dog. He still doesn’t liked being picked up but he is much calmer now and the other day my daughter trimmed his nails and for the first time he didn’t fight her. He is really coming into the dog that God meant him to be. We are so thrilled he is working through his issues. If he could just stop shedding so bad!

He was 4 months old and he was sick with Parvo. So a year later, we have an aggressive dog who rescues would deem un-adoptable. We think because of his treatments it left him with fear and fear of being touched.

IMG_20160903_113213Which is weird because he is a velcro dog. He wants in your lap at all times, but if you don’t pet him right or you pet him the wrong way, he growls and snaps. You touch his feet, watch out! Trimming his nails is a lot of fun, NOT! Though if you feed him from your fingers he is super gentle. He just doesn’t like to be touched in most places. Just the top of his head, or kisses on the nose, or behind his ears. He is the most irritated at night and can get really nippy.