Essential Oils

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I use a lot of Essential Oils around my home. I know you have all heard about how bad are, how using natural products are healthier for your family, and so on. I won’t go on about all that as there is plenty of info on the web about it.

I like to use EO, short for Essential Oil, in my own cleaning products, beauty products, instead of candles and plug ins, basically anywhere I can use them. I used different brands in the past but always worried about if they were pure or not. I ran into a lot of brands that were not pure. But after some (a lot, I research a lot) research I decided to stick to one brand of EO. I like to stick to one brand when I use products. I will use all the same brand make-up for the rare times I wear it. I like to have exclusives that not many others will have but I can share with others.

The brand I choose to use is Young Living EO. I have been using them for several months now, and I am very happy with the quality and purity of their products.
I have decided I have researched and used them enough that I can feel comfortable sharing about them. I will also be blogging more about the specific oils I use in my DIY Homemade products.

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