About Us & Cottage Creations

Cottage Creations is a business I started out of a passion to create things, paint, remodel, re-purpose, DIY, restore… and the list goes on. I also sew, crochet, knit….

This page is were I am showcasing our work we started years back.

I plan on adding some rustic and shabby chic furniture made by my husband, who was/is a furniture maker. He started building antique reproduction furniture in high school then started his own furniture company, that he eventually sold and moved on to greater things. I have been pushing him “out of the box” to open up his mind to building pieces out of his comfort zone. Things that are my “cottage” style and not his “formal” style. Its fun to see him come around to the light!

We have flipped a house or two, actually more ;). We like to buy houses that need a lot of work, live in them while working on them, and then sell them. We plan on staying in our current fixer upper for a while, maybe until retirement but I doubt it.

Some of our projects… before and after… old made new or new made to look old… crafted… knitted… crocheted… planted… painted…

I will be updating and adding new photos as they become finished.