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My journey with Natural & DIY Laundry Soaps…

(affiliate links to Tropical Traditions) (recipes coming soon, sorry none in this post) There has been lots of talking about DIY laundry soap. I first tried this about 5 years ago. I have a recipe that I purchased cheaply from … Continue reading

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Finding my passion in writing again.

Have you ever lost your passion for something you love to do? I love writing. I wrote a lot on my old blog that was focused on homeschooling and reviews. Then I started this blog because I wanted to step … Continue reading

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Todays 4 Minute Laugh Fest…

I just thought I would post one of our favorite Tim Hawkins clips.  I have a few others I will post at a later time. This is Corporate Worship Songs!!My Dodge is an Awesome Dodge!! lol or it was till … Continue reading

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If your "board": Pin Stuff…

I was completly “board”, so I pinned a few things.  I am dyeing to Tie Dye somthing, or a lot of things.  I haven’t done it in a few years, or many years. I ordered a bank card about 6 … Continue reading

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Homeschooling while living with other "people"

Its  been a while since I have posted any thing related to homeschooling, so here goes… I wonder how many other  people have to live with family or friends and try homeschooling. Can they  keep up with a normal schedule?Can … Continue reading

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Storms Coming or is it UFO’s…

There is a storm a coming (Ok, as I type this I can here the Williams Pinball table Whirl Wind dinging in my head, I am a Pinball Head 🙂 ) Its shaking my house as the thunder rolls (and … Continue reading

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This video should be renamed…

This video should be renamed to “Why I, as a woman, like Sarah Palin”. Thank you, Thank you very much!

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Reading, being smart, and The Big Bang Theory…

I haven’t posted anything in a while, with much content.  This is not one of those times either. I just wanted to mention how I am going to incorporate more diverse reading in our studies this year especially since we … Continue reading

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Support Chick Fil-A and Traditional Marriage

Join Mike Huckabee in “Chick Fil-A Appreciation Day” on August 1st. We will be there!

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The side of Spousal Abuse less talked about… battered husbands

This verse is to all the abusers who think “I am not doing anything wrong. S/He deserves it” “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;  who substitue darkness for light and light for darkness; who substitue bitter … Continue reading

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