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DQ Star Spangled Blizzard or Sonic…

Get this while you can. We picked one up at Dairy Queen the other day. We don’t go there very often but we thought we would splurge. We usually go to Sonic for half priced shakes, and I almost always … Continue reading

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First Autumn edition magazine and I am already preparing for fall…

Is it really that time of year already? That time of year I start getting Autumn editions of my magazines! Apparently so and here it is… And here is a little project I have been working on the last week. … Continue reading

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Banjo Bunny Videos…

Banjo was having fun in his temporary space so I thought I would share with other bunny lovers. We are preparing to move so Banjo has to have a smaller space since his normal space is being used for box … Continue reading

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a look in to my house…

We have sold our home and will be moving on. It’s the end to a 2 and a half year renovation. I love how bright the house is, it has lots of windows. This is also the first house that … Continue reading

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Tic-Tac-Toe, Pinterest Style…

Kiki and I use to play this old time past time game when she was younger. She is now into checkers which she plays with her dad on a Cracker Barrel knit board (you can buy at any C.B.). But … Continue reading

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Curtain vs. Valances dilemma…

I am giving my family room a facelift. I am incorporating blue plaid, I love plaids that are blue based, and I can’t figure out should I do plaid curtains or plaid valances. Right now I have shabby chic ruffled … Continue reading

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My Jeep Wrangler…

Meet Moose. No Explanation needed, really…. First we will start with some stock pics, then move on to the in process, and then finished. The after build photos don’t show the color right and I blame the weather not my … Continue reading

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Eager for summer to come

In preparation for summer I have been trying out some throw pillows and blankets. I like to move things around the house every few months, or with the season. Summer is one of my favorite decorating themes, I will even … Continue reading

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Ladders are my latest obsession…

I have a thing for old wooden ladders. I have 3 in my collection, though one is still waiting for warmer weather to be sanded and cleaned and possibly painted. It is very long, it is as long as my … Continue reading

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DIY Handmade Lavender Sachets

I am not sure why I needed to make lavender sachets. I felt the need to pass them out I guess. Or maybe because it was time for an easy project to use up some scrap fabric. By the time … Continue reading

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