Progression of 6 months Newfie Style…

Its been a while since I have posted. I will be posting more. We have some fun things going on in the new house. Remodeling and updating.

But for now…

We welcomed Finn into the family after moving into our new home. He is almost 6 months. He is over 70 pounds now but we need to to weight him again to see just how much he is.

Here he is from a few days old up to today. He is a character. Stubborn. Sweet. And a few choice words I can’t say.


Nap time in the water bowl.

Nap time under the sofa.

What do you mean I am not suppose to be up here? But the other babies are up here.

My new ball.

Have puddle? I will find it.

What? This isn’t my cage? But I fit.

Keeping mom’s chair warm.

Was this your plant?

I am not a black bear! See I am a polar bear.

Dad hug.

Can I have that cupcake?

I hope it is OK to have my stick in here.

The neighbor’s dogs are barking at me.

My bed makes a nice pillow.

Did someone say I needed a bib?

My first bath not in the tub. It was st Tractor Supply’s dog washing room.

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