DQ Star Spangled Blizzard or Sonic…

Get this while you can. We picked one up at Dairy Queen the other day. We don’t go there very often but we thought we would splurge. We usually go to Sonic for half priced shakes, and I almost always get a Green Apple Cream Slush with Rainbow (Nerds) Candy.

The Star Spangled Blizzard was pretty decent. The red ice cream I assume was cherry because it was so light in flavor I couldn’t tell. That was under all this other yummy goodness of Rock Candy and a big dollop of vanilla ice cream with a side order of an ice cream truck style popsicle. That was probably the thing that had the most flavor.

Overall it was yummy but I will stick to my Sonic Cream Slushes. And I know this goes against my Paleo diet, but I am not a 100% Paleo, and will probably never be 100%.

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