Banjo Bunny Videos…

Banjo was having fun in his temporary space so I thought I would share with other bunny lovers.

We are preparing to move so Banjo has to have a smaller space since his normal space is being used for box storage while we pack. He normally has way more space but he doesn’t seem to mind the smaller space right now.

In the first video he is trying to get his Apple Stick (from Small Pet Select) out of his toy box. The second video he is playing in his IKEA tunnel (cat section). You can also see his IKEA bed (toy department doll bed) in the corner of the first video. He plays on it and chews on it but doesn’t sleep in it unless I put it in his cage. They are raw pine so its safe.

Banjo’s normal space. I bet he is going to love his new space in his new home named Christmoose Cabin (as of now, that could change) in September.

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