a look in to my house…

We have sold our home and will be moving on. It’s the end to a 2 and a half year renovation. I love how bright the house is, it has lots of windows. This is also the first house that I have ever painted white on a lot of walls.

When we have rented in the past, all the walls were white and I hated it. I felt like I was living in an asylum with padded walls. I just couldn’t stand it. But since those early years I have learned how to make my bright colors pop and I have come to like white walls. I don’t think I would ever like all my walls white however.

Any who!

I wanted to share the photos I took of some of our rooms, mostly all cleaned up like we don’t live in our house. Then later in a few weeks I will share photos of the new pad, which is going to be a challenge for me to decorate. My challenge being that its a log cabin and I decorate in bright beachy cottage.

I think these are pretty self explanatory. They are not in any particular order.

The above photo is of the room we use as the dining room and is where the Guinea Pig cage is and Banjo Bunny’s cage is. Usually there is a large rug down and Banjo has full run of the room (blocked off of course).

The laundry room is painted one of my favorite colors by Sherwin Williams called Electric Lime. The valances are made by me and have little flamingos.

Below is the office where I do some of my writing for this blog.

Below is the master. I was nice enough to home buyers eyes and flipped my quilt to the boring side but in the flooding photo is the oversized king quilt I made. Lots of flamingos in it lol!

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1 Response to a look in to my house…

  1. Mary C Wooton says:

    So Beautiful. Do you hate to give it up?


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