Tic-Tac-Toe, Pinterest Style…

Kiki and I use to play this old time past time game when she was younger. She is now into checkers which she plays with her dad on a Cracker Barrel knit board (you can buy at any C.B.).

But one day I was on Pinterest looking for rustic ideas for my cabin decor and stumbled on tic-tac-toe boards painted on logs and other materials. So this gave me the idea to paint a board on my little breakfast nook table that I “made” my hubby build (trying to get a furniture maker to build something out of 2×4’s or what ever is like pulling teeth, he thinks real furniture has to have dove tails and all that fancy stuff, and definitely not painted!)

So I wanted this to look rustic, like you went in the paint cabinet and pulled out random paint and slapped it on for some fast fun. I didn’t perfectly measure and I didn’t want perfect taped off lines, or even.

Then I made my way to Hobby Lobby, to support a local store, and Christian company, and searched for playing pieces. I originally was going to use sliced wood coasters and stamp or stencil pinecones and pine trees on but that was too expensive for me, and my hubby could get his chain saw out for that one.But I found Moose cut outs for .39 cents each, and I painted them with spray paint I had left from other projects. They also had bears but not enough for me to use. I also bought little cheap felt stickers to put on the bag to raise them off the table a bit for easy grabbing.

I also thought of using pinecones and I still may at some point. I may even use an old stump and make another board sometime.

Here is my super fast and fun project.

P.S. you may want to put a clear coat on this to protect it long term, but I like the wore out look so I won’t be protecting it. It will probably be painted over one day anyways.

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