Curtain vs. Valances dilemma…

I am giving my family room a facelift. I am incorporating blue plaid, I love plaids that are blue based, and I can’t figure out should I do plaid curtains or plaid valances.

Right now I have shabby chic ruffled white curtains. I have been looking at them for years and to be honest, I just don’t want to look at them any more.

Here is what the wall looks like now, a DIY galvanized pipe curtain rod spanning the wall.

One of my dilemmas comes from the door way meets the window edge by about an inch so I have to pile a panel to the corner on the right. With a valance it looks more like the valance ends into the wall so it doesn’t look so obvious.

My issue with valances is that I feel “whole wall” valances are only suppose to be in areas like bay windows. Is there a rule against valances going from one wall to the next? I am not an expert, though I do tend to do what I want in decorating, often breaking rules. Decorating rules are more like guidelines, right? Well they are to me.

I think I need panels but was considering valances to hheemm save money on fabric. Though the fabric I am buying is “buy more save more”. But I am not sure it would off set much cost if I have to buy 15 yards to get it cheaper. I will also be making throw pillows and maybe a valance to add to my drop cloth curtain that I have over my sliding back door.

What are your thoughts? I would love to hear.

This plaid blanket I made is similar, same colors, to the fabric I will be using.

And this is the view you would get of the curtains/valances behind the sofa. I might paint the wall around my fireplace a royal or navy-ish blue. Not sure yet. One decision at a time please!

And my newest DIY chalkboard. Hanging over the sofa. I painted it (I use kitchen cabinet doors to make chalkboards) Rust-oleum Indigo blue. (I also did my wrought iron patio furniture the same. Next post for that one.)

Still deciding on other wall design items. I may go nautical in here for while, then in fall change it up again because I will probably be bored with it by then.

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