Eager for summer to come

In preparation for summer I have been trying out some throw pillows and blankets.

I like to move things around the house every few months, or with the season. Summer is one of my favorite decorating themes, I will even decorate for summer in the winter so I can be inspired. I have SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder. I get really lethargic and can become depressed in the winter. It’s not that I don’t like winter, I just don’t like gloomy cold days. I am ok if I can keep my furnace on 80 and turn all my lights on, but I can’t lol. I love snow though, so if I had snow to look out at I would be happy, for a few days. This is one of the reasons I love bright colors. It helps my mood, keeps me moving most days, and gives me a since of hope that it will be sunny and hot out one day soon.

Back on topic!

Several months ago I dyed my Ikea Ektorp slipcover in RIT’s Pro Line Neon Green (they are now offering the neon colors in the regular bottles yay!).
It has been washed several times and is holding up well. I have not noticed any color fading. I don’t wash the base cover as often as the cushions so I think fading would show.

So now I am trying out some pillows and throws that will match my Macaw painting that I currently have hanging on the fireplace. I may switch it up and do flamingos but I am not sure.

What do you think? Should I try different colors? Patterns?




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1 Response to Eager for summer to come

  1. Mary C Wooton says:

    I think you need a big bright rug on floor


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