Ladders are my latest obsession…

I have a thing for old wooden ladders.

I have 3 in my collection, though one is still waiting for warmer weather to be sanded and cleaned and possibly painted. It is very long, it is as long as my Jeep or maybe longer. In its former life it was used to get on roofs. When it is finished I will share it. It may be one I have to put on a wall and use to showcase books or to organize movies.

So far I have my tall step ladder I use to hang blankets on. Then I have my newly acquired small step ladder. I have not decided what to do with it yet but I currently have it in my laundry room in case I need to get to a top shelf. Though it may become a planter ladder. I just thought I would share. Next I will be sharing my freshened up family room. I changed a few things around, picked up some new throw pillow covers, pulled out some throws/blankets to rotate. That’s what I do about every month or two, rotate things around. I get bored. I am a domestic goddess and a home body and so I get bored looking st the same things day in and day out, and I like to create things. I like to decorate and my home is the only home I get to decorate, so I switch things out a lot. I love to do it. Its fun.

Enjoy my ladders.

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