DIY Handmade Lavender Sachets

I am not sure why I needed to make lavender sachets. I felt the need to pass them out I guess. Or maybe because it was time for an easy project to use up some scrap fabric.

By the time I was finished I had a major headache. I am not a fan of lavender as it gives me a headache when I smell it.

So here is how this all went.

I picked up a big bag of fresh lavender on Amazon. Picked out some scrap fabric.

I cut my scraps into squares and the bigger ones are rectangular. I sewed 3 sides on each one. I like rustic un-hemmed edges so I made mine not to flip. This also saves a little time.

Then I took my little scooper, found a pack on Amazon last year, and filled each one, one at a time and ran them through the sewing machine after each fill to close up.

Then I took some pics. Then I trimmed the threads hanging off and then took more pretty pics on my beat up breakfast nook table.

I gave them all to my daughters. When the smell fades we will add some Young Living Lavender Essential Oil to freshen.

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