Begging pets at the dining table…

Do you have dogs who beg at the table?

They bark and whine just waiting for a crumb of some tasty human food.

I have that.

When I eat at the breakfast nook table I have 3 dogs begging. Loudly whining that moves on to barking.

But at my dining table I have something else.

I get my house shoes chewed on.

My leg nudged.

Something trying to get in my lap.

My culprit…

Banjo Bunny! He lives in my dining room. It’s his space. All by him self. All day. So when we come in to eat, he is begging to be petted, no matter how many times you pet him in a day its never enough. Then we have to give him our fresh veggies, which he won’t eat unless he is loved on first.

So why he is beggin’ for lovin’ this is going on, begging to get in.

But its quiet while we eat, which is wonderful.

Have you ever trued to get a close up of a bunny? Well these are the kinds of photos you end up with.

He is super cute.

See ya later!

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