Preparing for Spring to arrive and a RIT project…

I have been trying out some spring decor around the house. Today I am working on the family room.

I am pulling some throws out, bunnies, flower arrangements, pillow slip covers, and anything else to make it feel Springy.

This post also gives me a chance to introduce my spring slipcover and our new hardwood flooring that is still not done but you can see it is beautiful. I love my bright family room.

For my spring slipcover I dyed it using RIT Pro Line in Neon Green. It makes a wonderful fresh newly grown grass color. We just love it. And I have discovered that the RIT Pro Line works better than the regular version of RIT. The Pro Line is powder and so I took extra care to make sure I got the water nice and hot on the stove and kept stirring. I then poured it through a strainer into my “dye mixing pitcher” to carry to my washer. The color is consistent. It is perfect.

Here is how it turned out, along with my spring pillows, aka Alice in Wonderland are my spring pillows. Then we will move on to some other items. I am still working on my wall behind the sectional. Right now I only have a chalkboard with a bible scripture.

Now we move on to my little sitting area behind the sectional. It is bright and I like to sit on my bench and look out the front windows or pick up a magazine to flip through. I also like to store some of my throws not being used on this old wood ladder that was left in the out building by the previous owner. I have a new found love for old wood ladders. I have a huge one in the garage waiting for nice weather to paint it.

Now for some other fun stuff, my mantle. Up there I have some old jars filled with shells, some bunnies, my Young Living essential oil diffuser, an old oil lamp, and some of my favorite books. And the wreath is made of wood shavings. I actually picked that up from Aldi grocery store last year for under $20 though I don’t remember the exact price.

Here we have some of my favorite books. I like to display my books and I through some magazines in to fill spacing. In the summer I will put some summer/beach inspired fictional books back up.

One of the books is a signed book by David T. Smith. It is not necessarily a fave but my husband use to build furniture for David. My husband owned his own furniture company where he did a lot of Shaker reproduction and other customs made wood furniture. And David would hire him to make certain things. One day I might share his Shaker cherry end tables and coffee tables he made and sold by David. There is a story behind the set we have. Maybe I will do that in the next week.

I hope you enjoyed my creativity!

Spring is almost here, or at least its suppose to be.

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