Mission: Dyed IKEA Ektorp Sectional (IKEA hack)

I didn’t take a before photo but if you’re looking for an IKEA hack then you are probably familiar with the Ektorp. But here is a stock photo just in case.

I have had this sectional for several months knowing we were going to dye the white slipcovers a color that fits us. This is just the beginning by the way, I have more colors coming soon. I want a back up set for when this one is being washed or for different seasons for a bright pick me up.

We have contemplated colors for a while. And we couldn’t decide on if I should tackle this size of a dye job in our front loader that I am constantly dyeing smaller jobs in.

So we decided to buy a cheap non HE top loader for this project and we hooked it up in our basement to our utility sink there.

I did run into a few small issues. One being that I ended up with a few bleach spots. I am assuming it is from my front loader not rinsing the bleach out well on my prewash (that I did right before dying to get it clean) and to wet the fabric for dyeing. The second is my seat cushions are 2 shades darker. I am guessing this is because I wash the seat cushions every week or two, and if dirty they can be washed several times in a week. I have pets, 3 small dogs and 2 cats not to mention the smaller pets, so keeping them spotless is a little work. My back cushions and base have only been washed one time and they are a consistent color and they were dyed separate. I thought about it and since I wash the seat cushions a lot I don’t mind they are darker because they will probably blend after a few washes, so no biggie! And the photos make them look much darker than they are in reality.

So here goes:

We used RIT Dye in Sunshine Orange

I used 3 bottles for the base slipcover and 4 bottles for the cushion slip covers.

A container of salt, 1 cup per load to help set the color to stay.

Hot water!

I set the washer on the longest setting and restarted it just once before it started to rinse and let it do its “thang”! Then ran 2 wash cycles to rinse them out. I always partly dry my slipcovers before outing back on.

I hope I didn’t leave anything out.

I hope you enjoy my project, even if its not your kind of color or you are not a brave soul like me. I have lots of fun doing projects. I have a lot I have not posted but may do those later.

You will notice some lines lightly in the fabric. Those I love. They were an accident but I love how the give the fabric a suede or sub bleach beachy affect. The dye stuck to some water mineral stains in the washer I could not get out and ended up on the fabric. I didn’t think that would happen but it did. It gives it a nice rustic feel. And the lighting really affects the colors. Its very sunny and bright. I’m thrilled with how it turned out.

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