Being Real, what your gonna see around here

I really hate sharing my photographs of projects that we do around here.

Why you ask?

Well my house doesn’t look like your typical house you see online. That all white clean clutter free house. You know the ones. They look like no one actually lives in them. That might be your ho use, and you may clean like crazy or have a cleaning crew.

But that is just not me. My husband wishes it was me, but its not.

I love color, and I mean BRIGHT (think tropical Caribbean) colors, and I even like white but usually on wood furniture. I love clean white crisp bright white on furniture but can I keep it clean with dogs and cats and teens? Maybe, but do I want to? No. I don’t really want to spend so much time cleaning. There is more to life than cleaning. I like a clean house but in order to really keep my house clean, I need to vacuum everyday. I also need to keep things to a minimum.

I have made it my purpose to have a clutter free house the best I can but still have it feel warm and inviting. Which is really hard to do when well meaning family members give you things you feel obligated to keep. Or your husband is a sentimental keeper of all things, AKA Pack rat!

I struggle with trying to balance the cottage look I love with all my bright colors I like. Its like trying to put put a round peg in a triangle hole. I love a beach cottage but mixing in brighter colors is actually harder than I thought. I find my self trying to mix the styles of New England Beach House with Miami/Key West/Florida/Caribbean. And how do you mix contemporary and minimalist with the cottage look and feel? I don’t know, I am still trying. But I strive to have what I want and like and makes me happy, not some designers rules of decorating, which I don’t agree with. I have had my run ins with designers both professionally when I worked at a furniture store and knew one personally. Wonderful young lady but very by the book on decorating, but she never gave you unsolicited advice, only if you asked and then she told you what she thought. What ever happened to personal opinions and desires in decorating your own home. Some designers like DIY projects while others say don’t do it. Designers are either very bossy and opinionated, or laid back and help you with what you want, not what they want. And the ones I ran into at the furniture store, where the usual bossy sour puss faced conservative designers always telling the client no to what they wanted, instead of working around what they wanted. I know not every designer is like that, and I apologize to those who are not.  I am not anti designer, just anti to a lot of them where I live. I mean if I could hire any designer in the world, it would be David Bromstad. Now that guy knows how to use bright colors and be creative.

That reminds me of a lady I met in Sherwin Williams last fall.  She had a friend who was a designer. She told her friend she wanted to try and paint a color in a room. It was a nice color and its what she wanted. Her friend, I say enemy, told her not to paint that color and she should paint it another certain color. I told that lady she should paint the color she wants, its her house!

The main reason I don’t like to post photos is that our house is a remodel job that never seems to get finished. Even after we have most of a room finished, there are still small things that need to be done that take months to get to, or like our kitchen its been 2 years and I still don’t have pantry doors or the toe kicks on the cabinets. The cabinets were also to be painted but we have left that for another time. So basically I am stuck with dark brown cabinets that were suppose to be refinished into a white antique rubbed something.

We have baseboards that still need to be cut and put back on in some of our rooms, like our family room. My dining room, formally known as the formal living room turned dining room, is all finished but is also the bunny and guinea pig room. I may add photos for that project soon. The dining room was a project where we added trim, faux plate rail, painted it a bold color. It was/is my one shabby chic room with out all the clutter of tons of stuff filling the hutch.

So anyway, I am going to start making more time to write on this blog and I am going to start posting photos of my projects, even if the background is a project in progress or if its just messy. So expect it to not look perfect. It is just the story of my life. I want to enjoy life and focus on having a relaxing chill life and do things with my family that are more important than keeping a spotless house.


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1 Response to Being Real, what your gonna see around here

  1. Cathi says:

    I looked at your wild colors as I called them but I decided to go bold and try something different. I live in Florida and never cared about beach décor . We moved now I want something different. So I copy your colors and went wild with Nautical Love the blues. Mermaids , star fish, crabs , shells of all different colors. My new home in Florida is looking good. Thanks for your wonderful ideas . My sweet talented daughter. love you.


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