Book Review: Raising God’s Girl…

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Raising God’s Girl
Empowering Parents to Raise Daughters with
Conviction, Confidence, & Courage

by: Rich and Mary Lou Graham


This is a book I wish I would have had when my girls were born.
I didn’t know how to raise “God’s Girl” until they were middle school aged and by then they had been filled with wordly things around them.  I like this book a lot. A lot of the book is making sure your heart is right. Making sure your doing what your suppose to be doing as a child of God parenting young impressionable daughters.

This book can be read by both Fathers and Mothers, and even Grandparents or other guardians who are raising girls. There are plenty of bible verses, though I do wish they would have stuck with one version of the bible instead of many. But that is just me, I like one version so they blend with the same feel through out a book.

This book covers how we must repent of our sins, taking care of our hearts. It also covers our relationships with our spouse, children, and others. It also touches on your daughter dating, relationships with others, disappointments, love, launching them into adulthood and more. It is a book you can pass on to your daughters when they get married or you new daughter-in-law.

One of the things that stood out for me, and probably because this is normal in the homeschool world, they talk about finding Godly friends. They expand into letting you know its ok for your children to have friends of different ages. Where does it say all your friends have to be your age? I know my youngest who is 16 has friends older than I. She enjoys the elderly and consider them her friends, and she loves younger children. Public school tells us that our friends are all the same age. Then we get to be an adult and suddenly we have friends and co-workers of all ages. Friends of different ages helps children mature and have mature conversations with those who have experiences that are different. It also helps teach compassion for others. We can find friends in different places, sisters, sisters friends, friends of friends, and so on.

I highly recommend this book to all those raising girls and you want to do it the Godly way.


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