Review: You’re Already Amazing, Life Growth DVD & Guide by Holley Gerth…

It has been about 4 years since I did my first Holly Gerth book review.
(I hope my reviewing skills have grown).
You will find my review of the original book, You’re Already Amazing, HERE.

For this review I will be sharing with you about the “follow up” to that book. This is a nice in depth study that includes a workbook and a DVD. It is called You’re Already Amazing, Embracing Who You Are, Becoming All God Created You to Be.
You can do this study as an individual, in a group setting like a book club or bible study group, or you could even use it with high schoolers in a homeschool setting or as a mom and daughter study which is what I would like to do. This study is used in conjunction with the original book, but if you don’t have a copy you can still do this study. It does just fine as a stand alone study.

The items I received are in the photo, the tea for one cup and pot are mine and not included in the items to review.  I received the workbook and DVD and 2 Harney & Sons tea bags. The tea was delish! I have never tried this brand of tea before but will be adding some to my collection.

IMG_20160217_121331I will start off by sharing about the 6 video sessions/lessons. The videos are surprisingly shorter than I expected. Though not too short. The setting in the videos are of Holley in her home. Side note: She has this cute red with white polka dots coffee mug that I really would like to have. I have that on my wish list along with a matching tea pot. If you have been to my house lately you would see I have added red with white polka dot fabric every where.

Holley starts off by sharing a little about herself and she likes to tell a story. One of the stories that stuck out to me was about her in a hotel and God had her go down stairs in her real self which meant messy hair, no make up, and her pajamas. Which makes me think I must walk around real all the time lol. I hardly ever wear make up and my hair is a mess all the time. And yes I stay in my PJs when I am home and not expecting to go any where. I really liked that story. So after Holley shares a little, she asks you to pause the video and go to the workbook. I would probably just turn the TV off to conserve energy as it takes a way more than a few minutes to read the workbook, do any thinking, praying, and writing you want to do. Plus if your in a group you may discuss it among your selves at this point, or discuss at the end of the video. So once you have finished the workbook you can go back to the video for more sharing from Holley. Its very easy to follow and like I mentioned early, they are on the short side. If they were longer you may lose focus.

And so here we are at the workbook part. The workbook is more in depth than the videos, which is to be expected. You read your lessons and along the way you will have questions to answer and journal spots. You can write these in your workbook or in a personal journal. You also get a “life coach” section in each lesson. There are quotes/ encouragement pages from Holley mixed in. They do take some time to work on, not as quick as the videos. I honestly would split the lessons up for me in to sections. I really can’t focus that long  to do a whole lesson at one setting. I could see how in a group setting you could go on for hours. I would suggest in a group setting that you start the gathering off by discussing the lesson you worked on at home, then at the end watch the video for the next lesson you would be working on in the coming week. But if your an individual you can work at the lessons at your own pace. Which is what I am doing. I have yet to finish the complete workbook and DVD because I am finding that I am doing a lot of deep thinking and praying because I really want the most out of the lessons.

I don’t like “self help” books that tend to “lean on your own understanding” in stead of God and His word. For this book, I would put it in a category for self discovering of who you are through God’s eyes by leaning on His words through scriptural references through out the lessons. Remember the title “Becoming All God Created You to Be”!  This book really leans on God’s understanding and direction. You will need to pray to Him to show you what he wants you to discover.


I think this study is Awesome and I do suggest it to others. I can’t think of any negatives out side of the workbook sessions/lessons being a bit lengthy for one sitting, at least for me they are.

I would like to give a big Thank You! to Holley Gerth and Revell for allowing me the opportunity to review another quality product that I can keep and refer back to for years to come. Thank You!


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1 Response to Review: You’re Already Amazing, Life Growth DVD & Guide by Holley Gerth…

  1. Cathi says:

    Sounds like a good study. You did a good job.


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