Happy Valentines Day!

cropped-pink-roses-wallpaper copy

From our home to yours.

I know this holiday is not a real holiday. Its more of a “Hallmark card” holiday for people to go out and spend hard earned money on items at a store. But it doesn’t have to be.

You can do creative things for your “love” that doesn’t cost much or is free. Unless you know something that your “love” really wants for their birthday or Christmas and you just want to bless them with it.

I really enjoy potted plants more than cut flowers. I like things that last though I also like cut flowers for my table to brighten the room.  These can cost cheap at your grocery store unless you  buy a huge bouquet or roses. I am not a huge fan of roses unless they are cup type English roses like your Grandma use to grow.

For some of the creative ideas you could make up “coupons” for your “love” for things they like. Maybe a massage, or to make dinner and clean up, help with laundry, finish a project around the house you have been putting off that is driving your “love” crazy.

Some people really like if you step up and put effort into making dinner or baking when its not something you typically do. I am a “order pizza and watch a movie” kinda gal. If your “love” enjoys that, order one of those heart shaped pizzas or make one. We make chocolate covered strawberries instead of buying them so do something like that.

Check out Pinterest for loads of creative ideas. You can also find ways to decorate your home for the big day.

A good idea is plan ahead. Don’t wait for the day of, like my husband does even when I remind him all week long.

Also, if you have children, involve them. I don’t like doing things with out my girls. I want to include them so they can experience the things we do as a joyous family experience. They are old enough to be left alone while we go out, but that is not how we like to do things. We have plenty of time for the 2 of us when we are empty nesters. So one day when I am ….

(do you know who this is lol)

I hope my girls will keep their children involved also. Our world has gotten so far into selfishness that people pawn their children off on others, and I mean a lot not the occasional times, so they can be out of the way for the parents to have their own lives.

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2 Responses to Happy Valentines Day!

  1. Cathi says:

    Someone Raised you right.. lol


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