My journey with Natural & DIY Laundry Soaps…

(affiliate links to Tropical Traditions)

(recipes coming soon, sorry none in this post)

There has been lots of talking about DIY laundry soap. I first tried this about 5 years ago.

I have a recipe that I purchased cheaply from a fellow homeschooler. I know I could have found a free recipe but I wanted to help her out and encourage her in what she was doing.

I loved my recipe and first batch, a huge 5 gallon bucket. It lasted what seemed like forever. Then I tried a second batch and it wouldn’t “gel up” like the first batch. So I went back to store bought stuff.

I had also went back to Melaleuca Company to buy laundry products and cleaners but then I had an abundance of product from being forced to order every month so I canceled my membership. I love their products but I only buy certain items from them, so that is how I ended up with too much stuff for this sorta minimalist organizing freak.

I think I even tried Shaklee one time but didn’t like it.

Lastly I have been using Tropical Traditions Liquid Laundry Soap (affiliate link)
But they run out and when you need it you can’t order it. I ordered 2 bottles at a time. It lasts forever. You only use a tablespoon a load, 2 tablespoon for very heavy or dirty loads. I hate there pouring lid. Its really hard to measure out a tablespoon and pour it. I think most of it stays in the lid and slowly drains out. So what I have done is use on old Melaleuca laundry bottle with a pump on top that puts out the right amount of liquid.

I love Tropical Traditions and I use their Coconut oil everyday. I have used their body soaps, shampoo bars (can use these on your whole body saving you extra money and space), hand soaps, and so on.

Now I am going to go back to making my own laundry detergent once again. One of the site I read and follow is DIY Natural. They have a powdered laundry soap recipe which is about the same as the liquid just with out all the work. I like it because its easy but you have to use it on warm or hot cycles so the borax will work and to eliminate clumping or build up in your lines. My husband doesn’t want me to use the powder because of this. Especially with the grated soap which from our experience doesn’t dissolve fast enough. You can grate smaller to help with that I assume. But someone else has said you don’t need the grated soap and just use the Borax and Washing Soda which dissolve just fine.
So I may try that in a few batches and see what happens.

Vinegar! The do everything liquid. Fill your little cup of fabric softener with this miracle liquid and your clothes will be softer and supposedly less to no static. I have found this does not work for static for us. Our house is very dry in the winter, maybe its because we use the fireplace a lot to help heat the house. Wool Dry Balls, which I make my self, don’t work either. So I resort to using fabric sheets, just in the winter as needed. I don’t like their poisonous chemicals all over my clothes. I would hang dry in the winter but my laundry room is very cold right now so clothes would not dry. It was part of the garage at some point and the floor is concrete. We will be remodeling it soon and my husband wants to put in a heated tile floor for me, he is so sweet!

So back to the Vinegar. It works great as a fabric softener and helps whiten and brighten. You can also add some to your wash cycle with your detergent. Its cheap.

If you want to know more about how you can use Vinegar around your house, I will be posting more soon. I am going to start posting some recipes that have worked for me.
I’m just starting to put some things together to help you out. I love trying recipes to help my family be more frugal, save money, and help the environment. My main purpose in doing DIY is to save my family money. We are trying to get out of debt and since I don’t work out side the home, this is my way of helping our family finances and help my husband with the budget. He works hard and I don’t want to spend unneeded amounts of money when I can do things my self. I am not not against capitalism in any way so don’t mistaken me for that kind of person. I just like to keep money in my pocket AND I don’t like the consumerist idea of thinking I have to buy all the fancy stuff, name brands, or give hard earned money to large corporations. I like the little guys and I prefer to buy form them, like Tropical Traditions. They are a family owned business. But you can’t always get away from purchasing from larger companies. I mean you can’t live with out buying the Borax or the Washing Soda for the homemade laundry detergent. Though I do believe Borax is from a family company.  Ok, off my soap box, pun intended lol!

Soon I will be introducing you to Homestead Blessings. We have their videos, we used them for our homeschool home ec. classes, and in the series you learn to can foods, sewing, soap making, baking, and more. They have been a lot of fun, especially if you are one of those people like me who likes that “Grandma’s house” feeling of the olden days. Sharing that soon but until then, click on their name above and visit them.

See ya’ll next time….

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  1. Cathi says:

    love your ideas


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