Finding my passion in writing again.

Have you ever lost your passion for something you love to do?

I love writing. I wrote a lot on my old blog that was focused on homeschooling and reviews. Then I started this blog because I wanted to step away from the blog that focused on homeschooling. I wanted to start something new because I knew I was not going to be homeschooling forever. I needed something not focused on homeschooling so when I wasn’t doing that any more, no one would notice it missing.

But then I had a hard time getting into the swing of things here.

I tried focusing on other things like my DIY projects, yarn projects, and other topics. I feel like I have been forcing my self to write about things that were not what I really want to write about.

So, I am going to go back to writing about things I want to write about like family, homeschooling, marriage, relationships, book reviews, reviews of what interests me at the time. Topics that I find my self with lots to talk about instead of those topics I don’t have enough to talk about.

As I start to write about those things that interest me in the moment, I hope you stick around. If you are here for the DIY projects, those won’t disappear, they just wont be a main focus.

I have an idea for a new series. I love to write short stories so I am planning a series where I post bits of the story in a blog post. Don’t confuse it with real life. I will put a disclaimer in there so you know its part of a short story series. I think it will be fun. I may even through in one of those endings you get to pick from. Remember those books where you picked what happened next and you went to that page to finish the story. I loved those as a kid. I thought they were fun and I could change the story every time I read it.

I know I need encouragement to get back to what I want to be, a writer. I am a writer. God made me a writer and I need to figure out how to do it with passion again.



Amen and Hallelu-yer!


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1 Response to Finding my passion in writing again.

  1. Cathi says:

    You can do it. You are so smart and giving of your self to help anyone. You and your brother are alike in being able to put your thoughts on paper. Love you all so much and miss you. Mom.


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