DIY: These chairs got a makeover…

Here is a project I did in the fall. My husband picked up an old set of table and chairs from a neighbor. I mostly wanted the chairs, not the table. So I am reusing the table legs for a later table project for the breakfast nook. You can see them painted turquoise in the background.  The table top was a weird shape. It was long with curved ends and it just didn’t fit my style. I do plan on cutting it down to a square and using it as a craft table in my craft room later, or burning it in a bon fire.

The chairs started off in maple. Then I picked Rustoleum Painters Touch in Green Apple.

And as usual, I forgot to get photos of the process. Later when I get my table built I will post all the finished projects.





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2 Responses to DIY: These chairs got a makeover…

  1. Cathi says:

    you are so smart and do such a good job. very good ideas


  2. Cathi Ratliff says:

    Love the color  come paint my kitchen cabints Cathi


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