Agent K broke her leg…

Life has been busy the last 2 weeks. All my postings were put on hold. I don’t mind. I had more important matters to focus on. We still haven’t put up a tree and we usually do that the week of Thanksgiving but we spent that time in the hospital.

Agent K was at a church get together for our annual Thanksgiving Dinner and afterwards they played some football.

Unfortunately, the football game didn’t end well.

She ended up a Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for 4 days. She has a FIB and TIB break. In other words,  she has 2 broken bones and 1 titanium rod!

I am posting a few photos. I won’t embarrass her by posting horrible hospital photos.

She didn’t have to have a cast put on. She can technically walk on it. Its still swollen but that is going away. There she is sitting on the fireplace yesterday taking care of the fire in the fireplace. She loves to do that so I let her.

She is a strong girl. She handled everything with the strength that God made her with. I am not sure if she remembers, but after surgery as she was recovering in her room, she picked up her phone and played Jamie Grace’s song Its A Beautiful Day and was singing it. She has a passion for worship music but what 15 year old girl sings that kind of song while she is laying in pain after her surgery and on morphine? God is good and his spirit is living in my baby girl for sure.

So there it is. We will get back to doing some knitting, crocheting, DIY, rambling on about nothing….

Special Notes:

I would like to thank everyone who prayed for us and visited us in the hospital and at home. Kiki would like to thank everyone for the gifts, especially Sheilah for all the sugar loaded candy lol!

I would also like to thank all those at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for taking care of us. You guys were great. It was the best hospital experience ever! And she thanks you for letting her stay that extra night when she asked because she didn’t feel she was able to go home yet.

I would also like to thank Medi-share for covering us and praying for us.

Thank you all and God Bless!


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