Evolution of a fireplace…

Since I am showcasing my mantle for Christmas, I thought I would show the progression of my fireplace.

When we moved in our fireplace was the big ugly elephant in the room. It was dark. The brick was dark and the mortar was black. Yes, black. Who uses black mortar? I guess it was something they did in the 70’s.

It was just not my style. I love having a wood burning fireplace back. A real fire roaring in the winter. The smell, yes I love the smell. And its just a beautiful thing to watch, all the burning wood and glowing embers.

So here is the story of my fireplace in photos…. and please ignore our messes in these photos because we were still moving in and things were not cleaned up and organized very much. We are still living in a construction zone some what.


Here would be my cabin theme I tried for a few months trying to make this fireplace brick fit in. Though I actually loved the look, I just can’t live in it. I love cabins and cabin decor but its not something I want in my main living area. Maybe in a room I am not in all the time.


So here is right after I white washed the fireplace but not finished. I removed the trim and have since painted it white to blend and also left some off since we need to fix a ceiling area about the fireplace from a previous roof leak issue. I also have not repainted yet in this photo. The surrounding walls have been painted a few times. I have also moved the bookcases to my craft room now that I don’t have a million homeschool books to store. And as you can see, I really like sideways photos lol!


And so here it is today! For some reason the top looks yellowish but I promise in real life it does not. See those “slits” in the brick next to the art work? Those are vents for the heat for the blower. I also have a vent up in the master so my room stays a little toasty. The man who inspected our fireplace said we had an awesome fireplace. Well built. The lining is high end something special. Who ever built this fireplace really put a lot of heart into it. I just didn’t like the brick selection :). I am not sure how common this part is but the wall the fireplace is on backs into the garage and it is a full wall of concrete bricks. So in a hundred years if the house isn’t standing, the fireplace wall will be.


I hope you enjoyed my sharing of my fireplace. I am really starting to love my home!


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