Update to the Fireplace mantle

I have not figured out which look I want in my family room, but for the winter we decided to go nautical instead of beachy. And these photos are not as clear as they should be. My camera phone is 13megs but doesn’t seem like it. I really need to go back to my Canon.

So here is what we settled on for now.  We changed a few colors out and added in more red. Hope you like them.

I decided to put my “boat rope” on the mantle. I will leave it up after the holidays if I keep the family room nautical. Which I probably will until the movie room basement gets finished. I usually have my nautical decor in the movie room.  My rope use to be my handrail in our previous home but when it when on the market I took it down to bring with me. The rope isn’t expensive but the brackets kinda are.


And today we have the fireplace going. It is about 50 here in Cincinnati.


This is a different angle. Eventually this paneling you see in the background will come down and dry wall put up. Though I do kinda like it painted as it gives me a beach cottage kinda feel.


And here is a little preset on my phone. Thought it made it look neat and the blue pop.



I wish the whole room was finished so I could post a photo of it all done. But there is still a whole in my wall where we took down the brick half wall separating this room from the breakfast nook area.

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