My thoughts on the non Merry Christmas Starbucks Cup…

Some people are already mad about Starbucks not putting Merry Christmas on their cups.

This is where I am sure to tick off some of my fellow Christians.

I don’t really care that they are not doing this. I don’t get why it matters so much to some Christians that other people, or company in this case, do not cater to their holiday.

Here are some points on why it doesn’t bother me:

  1. Not everyone celebrates Christmas. And for those who do, do it for different reasons. Some do it as a celebration of Jesus’ birth even though he was not born any where near December. Then there are those who celebrate it because its a time of giving, spending time with family, and decorating. I personally love to decorate for Christmas. Its something we do as family bonding time. I compartmentalize Christmas in to these 2 categories.
  2. There are other holidays in these next couple of months like Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and there are others. If Starbucks, or any other company, were to list every holiday on their cups, they would spend a lot of money. If they wanted to make all their customers happy then they could put Happy Hanukkah on their cups for that week, then the week of Christmas they could put Merry Christmas on their cups.
  3. Stop getting so offended over everything. That is the problem with our generations now, everyone is so selfish for their own agenda they get offended over everything.
    When’s the last time you heard Jews whine over not having Happy Hanukkah written on a Starbucks cup? Not that I have ever heard. They understand not everyone celebrates their holiday and they don’t make a big deal about it.
  4. Oh and some people don’t celebrate any holidays. They just want to live their lives peacefully and not be bombarded with people whine about how they are offended.

I will put in one thing that does bug me. Its a Christmas Tree! Not a Holiday Tree. No other holiday decorates a tree. So calling it a Holiday Tree makes no sense. It sounds pretty stupid if you ask me.

So, in conclusion of my rant. People need to let it go. Respect others.

If you don’t like a company not putting Merry Christmas, or any other holiday on your cup or what ever, just don’t shop there.

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