Beachy/Nautical Inspired Christmas Mantle…

I know its kinda early for Christmas decor, but for us, is ever really too early? NO!

We have been working on our mantle decor. Agent K decorated our mantle garland.

We are still finishing up the remodel in this room so if you see weird things in the background, please ignore them.

If you are curious about the painting it is by Leoma Lovegrove exclusively at Bealls Florida.
This is my favorite painting. I also have some other items with her art work on them. She paints in my style.


Agent K wanted to make sure she got some traditional Christmas in so she put red bows on the end of the garland along with our little dachshunds we picked up last year at Cracker Barrel.

IMG_20151107_142816   IMG_20151107_142612

In stead of using twine I had originally purchased to use as garland, she opted for burlap strips left over from other projects from the past.


We also picked up some “pics” from Micheal’s in blue squiggly things (they remind me of coral), palm leaves, and teal leaves.

We took some shells and star fish and hot glued curling ribbon to them for hanging. We also will be using them on the tree this year.

Well I hope you have enjoyed this little peek into our life today.

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1 Response to Beachy/Nautical Inspired Christmas Mantle…

  1. Cathi says:

    I love it and saved pictures


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