Cottage Crashers: Front of house makeover and kitchen sneak peak…

I have been slacking again on posting. Sorry.

Here is the latest on the constant house crash.  I had to pull this old photo off the internet of our house. This is what it looked like outside when we purchased it.
Very drab and boring. The shutters blend right in.


And here we are now.  New front door (I will post about that experience very soon), new windows, and some minor landscaping changes. We will get to landscaping next year probably. I do hope to take out a few bushes this weekend. The hubby doesn’t want to do it but they need to go. You will see them in the lower photos.


We painted the shutters dark brown to match the door. And yes, I am brave. I picked out an Autumn-ish yellow (Behr’s English Daisy) to go with the browns. I was going for a Mediterranean feel.  I just get that vibe with the brown tones in the brick. I am going to be changing the lights out or painting these. I am not sure yet.


So my lovely daughter trimmed up these bushes in the summer to look like “pine trees” so she could do Christmas lights on them for December. But 2 of these I want gone. I don’t mind the ones surrounding the front door next to the house but the 2 center ones surrounding the short sidewalk going towards the door, they have to go. They block the front door and seasonal porch decor from the road. They are also starting to grow over the sidewalk. I am not really sure what the “planter” was thinking when s/he planted them there.


I will be posting some more updates soon. The kitchen is 90-95% finished. There are still final touches to be done and an island to be built. I don’t really want to post much of that until its done. There was a lot that went into that project. Taking a wall down and expanding the kitchen into the dining room. Moving the dining room into the large formal living room. We did away with the formal because that is not useful for us. We have a family room we love and then we also will have a family theater room in the basement so having a 3rd space with a sofa was not a good use of space for us.

Here is the sneak peak of the kitchen. The granite (colonial white) and these white washed in blue boards have something to do with the kitchen. Can you guess what it is?


IMG_20150822_152744 IMG_20150911_103221

Until next time…….

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2 Responses to Cottage Crashers: Front of house makeover and kitchen sneak peak…

  1. Your updates look lovely! So glad you went with a bright color for the door!


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