DIY: Mason Jar Pendant Light…

When we purchased our home, we inherited a lot of items (I think someone got tired of packing). One of those items was this old mason jar. I have one of these from my Grandma but I didn’t want to make it a part of the house. So I thought since this mason jar was with the house when we purchased it, it should be here when we leave. Not that I plan on moving any time soon. I hope!


I went to one of our local home improvement stores and purchased a Westinghouse light kit for pendants in white. I remember it didn’t cost much but I can’t think of the cost right off hand.

I took the lid and drilled a hole in it then I took wire snips and cut out a hole big enough for the light ballast to go in. I also spray painted the lid white because I wanted it to blend with the light parts. Then my husband did the hard job of hanging the light over our sink.


These photos are not the best. I am not good at indoor lighting. I will have more photos after out kitchen remodel is complete.

The background may look terrible because we are still in construction mode.


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4 Responses to DIY: Mason Jar Pendant Light…

  1. How cute! Wow that turned out great- amazing job! 🙂


  2. Cathi says:

    Really looks good I like it very much I need 2 I gotta get busy


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