DIY: Tie Dye Napkins…

I have been very busy doing projects, planning our homeschool, and remodeling the kitchen. Writing on the blog has not been a priority.  But this will be the first of some DIY projects I have going on. I don’t want to post some of them until they are actually up and being used because they have to do with my kitchen and its remodeling. I will post my DIY Mason Jar pendant light soon though. IMG_20150814_130051

If you have been around my house at all, you will know I love to decorate in tropical, beach cottage, and nautical decor.   A touch of tie dye says summer at the beach to me.

So in my quest to find cloth napkins for my casual dining table, I decided to make some tie dye napkins. I tried to find some turquoise cloth napkins but they tended to be pricey and I do live on a budget. So I purchased some cheap ones, and when I say cheap, I mean cheap in cost and quality. They are very thin and rough feeling. But this works for me because when I get bored, I can trade them out. I am thinking I may use some bandannas next time because these cloth napkins are probably just as thin. IMG_20150814_130155

These photo’s are not the best quality. I hope you get what I was trying to accomplish. I also don’t iron so those of you who do, please forgive my wrinkles 🙂

I dug out a bottle of my favorite dye, RIT Liquid dye in Aquamarine (aka turquoise in this house), some rubber bands, vinegar, and a big pot of hot water.

I rubber banded the napkins in different ways. I folded some and I also scrunched some.
I put some hot water, half a bottle of the dye, and a big splash of vinegar in the pot and sat it in my utility sink. I added the napkins to the pot. And as usual I did not measure.


I wanted these to be some what subtle so I did not leave them in long, maybe 5 minutes.

I then took the bands off them and threw them in the washing machine on a fast wash. Now taking the bands off before washing will let the dye bleed some and make the tie dye effect subtle. This is what I wanted. I didn’t really want the stark white to stand out so much. I wanted these to look like they have been around a while and wore out.

I hope you like them…


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1 Response to DIY: Tie Dye Napkins…

  1. atkokosplace says:

    I love them. So pretty and unique. 🙂


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