TOS Crew Review: America the Beautiful from the Notgrass Company…

I just want to share one of our favorite history programs. We have several years of this curriculum and it is still on our “school shelf” for us to use when needed or just for looking something up.

Keep Notgrass History in mind while your looking for an easy to follow program. We have used the High School curriculum as well as the middle school curriculum. We love both.

I will be sharing some of my old reviews as I gear up to write more up to date posts.


Welcome to our Cottage Life...


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Notgrass Company
A family business since 1999
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Ages 10-14
Grades 7-8

America The Beautiful Student Workbook
Grades 5-6

About America the Beautiful:

Notgrass’  America the Beautiful offers history and geography curriculum from a biblical perspective, complete with easy to follow lesson plans. The main lesson books for America the Beautiful come in hardback making it lay open flat for ease of reading and keeping track of your assignments with out closing and going back to find the page you were on.  The curriculum is so full of information and photographs that you get 2 books for the curriculum, plus the supplement books in the pack.
In book 1 you have 15 units with each unit having 5 lessons. In book 2 you have units 16-30.

At the beginning of each unit…

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