DIY: Simple Chair Redo…

I inherited these 2 country chairs from the previous homeowner of our new home that we are remodeling.  I am not going to go into details on how I spray pained them, if your not sure how to spray paint, visit for a tutorial. IMG_20150417_112845

I love this yellow paint, Rust-Oleum Sun Yellow, and have used it on several items around the house including a high chair, post HERE.  (I don’t use the chair pad. The little girl I was babysitting didn’t like it) I use this chair as a plant stand now. My daughter plans on using it when she has children one day (she is only 15 lol).

So here are the chairs.  I think they turned out nice. They are really not as bright in the house I don’t think, but I love bright so it didn’t matter to me.
I will update lateIMG_20150417_151630r when I get to use them at the ends of my trestle table when my husband gets that built for our hearth room which is still under remodel. We tore out an old brick half wall, reclaimed the brick for another project, and I will be posting that fun adventure later. The new hardwood floor has to be put down in the kitchen and hearth area. We hope to have that finished in the next month or two. We do get new windows this week so YAY!
Its been hard for my husband to get work done around the house since he is working a lot of hours. This past week he managed to get ceiling fans up in all the bedrooms. He keeps mumbling “how can anyone live in a house and never put ceiling fans in”. Our house was built in 1979 and has never had ceiling fans. We don’t like a lot of lamps. It is unnecessary clutter to me though I do have some when the right decor calls for them.

Well, I am off to make some new country valances for my family, hearth, and kitchen. I will post those later when the room is all done (paneling gone I hope, painted, hardwood down, decorated, but the kitchen remodel will be a while so I won’t wait for that)

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