The Family Meal Table a study I am doing…

For my DIY, Knit, Crochet, ect. readers, I really do have some projects I have been working on. I will be posting later in the week about one of those. Thanks for being patient.

I have always been a fan of a family sitting down and eating together. I have been a long time reader of Above Rubies and decided to pick up their book The Family Meal Table and the DVD that goes along with the teaching. I also picked up the audio about Atmosphere of Your Home. I also some other products of theirs and may write about them later. I also have a subscription to their magazine that I highly recommend if you want inspiration for a Godly home. I really wished I had found this ministry when I was young and before I had children. I was not from a Godly home so I didn’t know how true Godly families acted and what they did, and we would have been considered lukewarm Christians who acted like the world, and now we know better but are still not perfect and are works in progress.
Now I am learning at a time I feel is almost too late for us as parents, but not as Grandparents, when that happens.

Here are some links to these products (click titles). I am not an affiliate and they do not know I am writing this:IMG_20150420_143245

The Family Meal Table and Hospitality

The Family Meal Table in Action

The Atmosphere of Your Home


I have been studying this book and DVD, and implementing it in our lives. I am a little slow on reading the book but I have watched the DVD twice, and my husband has once.
I have had a few, or a lot, of light bulb moments while watching the DVD. I kept asking my self “why didn’t I notice that?” There are so many references in the bible to eating at Gods meal table. The last supper is an example that is obvious but there are so many other examples. Jesus talking about eating at his Father’s table in heaven. There were lots of examples of people getting together and “breaking bread” in the bible. Family and friends came together and would celebrate for days all while feasting. It seems so many holidays are centered around food, but it all comes down to families being together and rejoicing in what God has blessed them with.

A few years ago I had a friend, who also homeschools, who told me when I figured out how to not be busy and I write about it, to let her know. I immediately thought, “stop signing your kids up for every little thing” and “learn to say NO when people ask you to head things up or volunteer to do things”. I know its hard for those who tend to naturally be busy bees who have lots of energy and feel they have to do something. I luckily am happy to stay at home and be a “home maker”, not a “car maker”. I didn’t say anything to this friend because I did not want to offend her by just blurting out my thoughts. I tend to be blunt so I really have to try and think before I say things so I don’t come out sounding mean or disrespectful. So I never said what I really thought. And to this day, she is probably still busy running all over God’s green earth, taking her kids to and from activities that really won’t matter latter in life. Its just to socialize more than anything.

I was watching Reba, the TV show is one of my youngest daughters favorites, and the episode was about sitting down and eating dinner together. Jake, the young son, was going to his dad’s house for dinners every night so he could have a sit down meal with his dad, step mom, and siblings.  As the drama ensued, Reba felt guilty that they were not sitting down at her house together. Most nights, it was insinuated, they spent dinners in front of the TV. By the end of the episode, Jake happily exclaimed he had it good because he had several dinners every night with different people in the family. I thought about that and it was a good point. He, along with others in America, do sit in front of the TV with other family members eating food, or while the other person is eating, and conversing about their day or other topics. Its not the ideal family meal setting but for some its the best they get and for some families, they probably do have great moments.

Even if your on the go, I bet your still talking about your day and how much fun you had doing something. Or maybe your singing that favorite worship song that came on the radio. Some families chose to be busy and they don’t get that sitting down at the table meal. But I do think as long as your being productive in your time together, either at the table or on the go, talk about meaningful things, talk about what God is doing in your life. Talk about his blessings. Even talk about the struggles in your life and give them over to God. Sing worship songs. Recite your memorized scripture together. Listen to the bible on audio. They have apps that will read the bible to you, even some are dramatized if you like to listen to your bible in an exciting “play like” setting.

I am one of those people that never wanted to be busy running every night. I limited my kids to one activity a week if they wanted but it was after dinner time or before. I never gave it a thought to make it a priority to have a family meal time until  my husband started working “retail hours” and was missing dinner with us. Then I started realizing this was not what I wanted for my family. Now it is a priority. We need that time where each other is the focus and talk about things. We are trying to work in a bible study with the family meal but we usually do this after dinner and after every one has had showers and are comfy and then we snuggle on the sofa and do our bible reading until we run out of things to talk about and are ready to watch a show on the DVR. Our kids really get into our devotions and they have lots of discussions and they also will challenge us. This can last from half an hour to an hour. It just depends on the topic from where we are reading in the bible.

We as Christians, really do need to prioritize our family time and family devotions. Times are getting crazy and we are being attacked and our beliefs are being challenged in so many ways. We need to be strengthened as families and Christians so we can stand strong for our beliefs. One way to do this is at the family meal table. We can discuss things going on around the world. We can also talk about what we believe. We can also discuss how to love others, even those who are different from us. I really could go into a big lesson on how Jesus loved sinners but how he also judged their sin. He still loved them and welcomed them, but he did not support their sin, he told them to repent of the sin and turn away from it. I don’t want to get on my soap box so I will go. Maybe I will write more on that topic later.

So try your best to get to a table with your family. Even if you only get to do it several times a week. We started with Sunday as our day we would come together as a family regardless. We still like to have extended family over on this day and they are always welcome with a life time invitation. Now my husband works a regular schedule so we can get together for our family meals every night during the week. And you can ask him, he gets death ray looks if he is late. I take it very serious and if my self and daughters are going to go through all the prep work and cooking to have a nice meal for him at the end of his day, he better respect it and be at that table when he says he will be home. 99% of the time he is. He doesn’t want to make 3 ladies mad lol.

May God bless you all and when you struggle remember he will walk with you through it!

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