A New Adventure is Almost Here. Cottage Crashers the Beginning…

Last time it was Quad Crashers. What a wonderful adventure the last 2 years have been. I am not sure I ever really posted our final photos of our Quad level home finished. But now its time to move on.

Our next house will also be a renovation adventure and we will be calling it Cottage Crashers, though I don’t think we will be going that drastic as crashing the place, but the new house does need lots of updating. Its been hardly updated at all since it was built in the 70’s. Its going to take us a few years to do all the things we will want to do.

We have about 2 weeks until we start moving to our new home, our new adventure in renovation, again. The new adventure is a 2 story colonial style home. Not my favorite style of home because I am more into a contemporary open home, but my husband likes traditional, I like wide open houses with very little walls, and so I have to mingle our styles together, though my decorating style is not contemporary. My decorating style is cottage with a touch of shabby chic, and that can be tropical beach cottage, nautical cottage, farm house cottage, English cottage with lots of flowers. My dream home would be a little stone cottage surrounded with acres of beautiful flowers and veggie gardens.

My mind is swirling with ideas on what I could do. I have lists and diagrams all in a notebook I am keeping. I am designing room themes, paint schemes, furniture layouts, and what I will be keeping and what will be going.

The first thing to go is all the carpet on the second floor, then hardwood will be put down as we have time to work on it. Then the flooring will be going on the first floor in all rooms but one. Then the same hardwood will be going down. There are so many different colors of carpets, some still from the 70’s, and different hardwoods and tile. We tend to like all the flooring the same and find it except-able to have just two different flooring options. Any more than two makes it feel chaotic and not planned out. That iIMG_20150107_095426s just our preference.

The carpet in the second floor, well there are literally 5 different colors. There is a rusty orange (is this shag?), a greyish color, a dark dark brown, a dirty cream something, and in the hall way is a different color and texture.
My daughter wants to keep the orange carpet but it is so full of dust and grime I don’t think cleaning would get out decades of that out. And the padding must be really wore out because its like walking on sub-floor. (My twangy attitidude is coming out, if only you could hear me speaking lol)

The first floor this, see below, beautiful hardwood in the family room that will be staying.



The kitchen has a beautiful dark hardwood that was not put down right so it has to be taken up, but we will be reusing it for something else later.

There is also tile in the entry and hallway but it has to come up because of some other work that has to be done. Then there is some dirty cream color in the dining and formal living room.  All the rooms but the family room with get the same hardwood as the second floor. The basement will be getting tile when it is finished out at a later date.

On to the last of my notes on this subject. The current formal living room is being converted to my craft/sewing room. I don’t particularly need 3 rooms with sofas and I don’t like to have my craft room far away in a basement or upstairs bedroom. I like my craft room to be right there on the floor I am always on. The room is big, bright, sunny, and close to my dining room for me to carry my sewing machine to if I need to or to lay fabric out on. Its just the way I like to roll. It has been suggested by someone who doesn’t live here that I put my craft room in the basement or a bedroom so no one sees it when they come over. I suggested to not let the door hit them on the bum on the way out of my house if they don’t like it. I function the way I function and its my house and that is the way I want it. OK, just a little venting there 🙂


Well, I am off to do more planning and packing. I hope I have finalized paint colors and will be able to share them soon.

Until next time…


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