I did it again…

I have once again ignored my passion for writing on my blog (not to mention nature photography). But I sorta have a good excuse.

We have had our house up for sale and have been very busy. We are getting ready to move to our next fixer upper. The next one may take some work over time. It will be an adventure. We are also planning on this new house to be a long term home. A place our children can bring their children. A place I can fully let my creative side go since I won’t be doing everything for resale.

That has always been something I keep in mind while decorating, painting, remodeling… RESALE!

But not any more. So lets see where this will take us. My artsy creative side will come out, but then put back by my husband. We have different styles. He wants neutral traditional furniture and colors. I want bright colors, white furniture, a mix of contemporary and shabby chic. I am a strange cookie and I don’t mind. I like to mix things up. I like things bright. Its just me. I like every room to be a different theme so when I feel like something different, I can go to that room and chill a while.


Well that is all for now…

(Photo from http://www.allthingsclipart.com)


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