Rit Dyed Palatial King Duvet and Shams….

I thought I would restart my blogging off with one of my recent projects.

I have 2 Palatial King Duvet sets from Downlite. They come only in white. Since I am a color girl, I thought I would dye one of my sets a bright sunny color.

I found my self at Jo-Ann’s looking at dye. I decided on RIT Golden Yellow. I used 3 bottles of liquid dye because I had almost 6 pounds of fabric with the huge duvet and 4 shams.

Now normally they say don’t use front loaders to dye items. Being the rebel that I am, I did it any ways. I have never had a bad dye job using my front loading washing machine. At the end of this post you will find my quickly explained steps.

I found my self playing with different looks. I am ADD when it comes to home decor. I can’t seem to leave things alone because I get bored of placement after a few months so I move things around. So here are some of my looks…

This one is my typical tropical look… (ignore those non matching curtains. They are another dye project I will talk about later)


This is one of my favorites. I laid the flannel blanket, that I made, across the bed.


Here I placed a tye dye crocheted blanket, my mom had crocheted and sent to my kids, across the foot edge. I threw on a blue toss pillow.


Here are the before and after colors.


I hope you enjoyed my quick post of my dye project. I have more photos but I don’t want to bore you!

Here is how I dye things in my front loading washing machine:

  1. Gather all items: Dye, pitcher of hot water, fabric, Vinegar or Salt depending on your fabric, dye fixative, and so on..
  2. If I use salt or vinegar I will mix it in my large glass measuring cup with the dye. I also will just add them to my pitcher of hot water.
  3. I set washer to hottest and longest cycle.
  4. I throw fabric in and let it toss till soaked.
  5. I then proceed to pour, and pray it all turns out, into my soap dispenser.
  6. This last step is important. Pour your large pitcher of hot water into the dispenser to chase the rest of the dye in.
  7. I usually let my washer run its cycle then I will do a quick wash to rinse the washer and get fabric softener into the fabric so I don’t smell the dye.

Its pretty simple. I have never had a problem. Yes my washer has some staining in some areas, but I don’t care. I tend to always like the results.

I will share more projects soon.


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