I know I have been gone for a while…

I took a long break from blogging after years of blogging on my homeschool blog. I just needed a break and I have wanted for the past several years to transfer over to a blog that homeschooling was not the main focus. So now I am going to do it. One of my daughters told me I should go back to blogging, so here I am.

I have one daughter who graduated this year and one left homeschooling high school at 14. She actually started homeschooling high school at late 12 almost 13. I am very proud of my daughters. I just don’t want focusing on homeschooling to be my only “thing”. I like doing some many other things and eventually homeschooling will no longer be and I would have ran out of homeschool things to blog about.

I have been doing lots of projects around the house. I will start adding them here now and then to get caught up on posting all those DIY projects I have done over the past year.

We have almost finished remodeling our quad level home we purchased 2 years ago. So I will be adding more of that remodeling in here. I have also been very busy doing a home day care.

I also, after years of begging, convinced my husband to buy me a Jeep Wrangler. He didn’t want to, no he fought me tooth and nail, but he finally gave in. And now he has taken it over. We have had it just over a week. But the good news is we are part of the JK clan now, specifically the Cincy JK Crew. They had a nice get together the other night and my husband and daughter went and hung out and had lots of fun.


Well, I am gonna mosey on. Until next time…..


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