God is calling me to refocus my life…

I am sharing some things today about some changes coming. I will try to make this short.

I started this blog because I just love to write and because I wanted a way for family who lived afar to be able to see how we were doing.

 I really didn’t think many people who read it, and most only come here to read my reviews.  When I am not doing reviews, I don’t get many hits. Its just a fact on the stats page.


I am going to be refocusing my time to some other things and this blog will be put in a different spot on the priority list. I may post several times a month, but not regularly. I really just want to focus on other thing for a few months. 

I am really trying to get my focus back on schooling my children, my faith and some bible studies, and writing other things. I have just a few reviews to post but after that, I will be limiting any reviews I do, which would be for just books on occasion. The TOS Review Crew is coming to an end so you will only see a few more reviews for that.

Recently I have been incorporating more worship into my day and have been enjoying music from Rend Collective. I first heard their song Build Your Kingdom Here on Air1. I immediately fell in love with their upbeat style. Then I discovered their song Praise Like Fireworks and it has been my go to song in the morning. I have been listening to it in the morning to get me in a positive mood for the day. I absolutely love this song. I listen to it several times a day. There is just something about this groups music that moves me. I don’t feel this often, but when I listen to this group, I can feel the Holy Spirit moving in me. I literally feel like I could just jump up and down in praise. Some people who know me might think I like this group because they are from Ireland, when in reality I never knew they were from Ireland until after I purchased the Campfire album and watched the video at the end. My ancestors are from Ireland and so I have a love for Ireland because of that. But I can honestly say that I loved this group before I knew that wee bit of information.

So I am going to leave you with a video of Praise Like Fireworks!



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