HDC Crochet Scarf in Caron Simply Soft Yarn…

For this scarf, I used the HDC = Half Double Crochet. I also crocheted this sideways, not end to end.

This is the longest scarf I have crocheted, or knit for that fact.

I, for the life of me, can not remember the green color’s name, but I did use Caron Simply Soft. I love that yarn, it really is soft. I would like to afford the more expensive yarns but I can’t so I buy what I can get at Joann’s fabric store.

I am finding that I like adding in photo outtakes with my model, so here is the first one.

She was like “how do you want me to stand?”
This one is really cute.
And this one is my favorite.
Here I was just playing around with some presets.

Stay tuned, I am knitting that shawl!

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1 Response to HDC Crochet Scarf in Caron Simply Soft Yarn…

  1. Cute model and pics. For spendier yarn, go to yarn shops and see if they have a clearance bin. Check out garage sales, thrift stores, and of course, use the coupons at Michael’s and JoAnne’s. They have them on apps now for your smart phone, in case you forget them at home like I do.


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