TOS Crew Review: Hands of a Child

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In the Hands of a Child

Law and Government Note Pack
Grades 4-7

As of the day of this posting there is a sale going on at their website and you should use this opportunity to try out In the Hands of a Child or stock up on items you know you want to use.

Law and Government Curriculum

What is a Note Pack?

In the Hands of a Child offers curriculum written as unit studies in the form of lapbooking and notebooking. You can read their description of notebooking by going HERE. These come in a downloadable PDF format that you can use over and over, or you can purchase the printed format, CD format, or the kit. Not all the units are offered in note packs but keep reading!!

I think most home schoolers have heard of lap booking but what is a Note Pack?
It is similar to lapbooking but after printing the pages out you put them into a binder, or in our case we just comb bind them. With lap booking you cut the “items” out and assemble in a lap book you make by using folders but with the note pack you don’t do those things. Some kids like to cut, color, and assemble lap books. My children are not those types of kids any more which is why they like the note packs.  My children are in “read and fill in the answers fast” mode now that they are teens. When they find something that interests them, they put more into it. The note packs work great for them for this reason. We have also used the lap book like this, by just printing and filing it into binders to save on cutting and taping or pasting.

What we think:

I love In the Hands of a Child‘s products. They are simple and depending on your child’s involvement level, they can be a lot of fun.
They can also spur some deeper learning.

I love the Note Pack because we don’t have to cut things out for lap booking. A big plus for us is all the reading is included and the days are planned out for you. You can ad extra reading in, and to help they give you a list of books you can use. They also include related curriculum they offer that can be matched up with this note pack.

The Note Pack is designed and scheduled to do over 5 days but my daughter finished it in 2. When I gave it to her, we went over the directions and schedule, and then we marked what pages were to be done for each day. On the second day she handed it back to me and said she went ahead and finished it because she didn’t want to spread it out over 5 days. There is also an Answer Key in the back.

Some of the features and topics covered:

  • vocabulary words like jury, dispute, democracy, dictatorship
  • roles of the Government like how money is spent, taxes, enforcing laws
  • types of laws like civil, common, martial
  • how laws are made and the steps
  • careers
  • roles and branches of public law

I was hoping this would prepare my girls for our study on American History in depth this year that includes American Government. I think it gave them some ideas and things to think about. We will be referring back to this later when we cover the subject at a deeper level.

Most years we are very relaxed and like to throw in a unit study or two, or when they decide they want to learn more on a certain subject. When this happens I will look to In the Hands of a Child.
We have collected a few of their studies over the past almost 6 years.

I recommend their products!


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