Scarf with new stitch I learned…

I was on the hunt for a new easy and “full” stitch to crochet. I found this stitch pattern at a website called Crochet Spot and you can find the tutorial HERE. I thought I would practice on a scarf because I am really wanting a scarf that matches a hat I made for winter last year.

 I am using Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky in Walnut. It is one of my favorite yarns, mostly just this color. I also used a J hook to do this. In the tutorial it says to do a single crochet then 2 double crochets, but I wanted it a bit tighter so I went with just doing a slip stitch sorta stitch then the double crochets.

The only problem with this is that I think its very stiff for a scarf. I am using chunky yarn and a smaller hook. I think it will be ok for me. If I make another one I will use a larger hook, or softer yarn. I am mostly wanting to stay warm this coming winter so I think I will be fine and maybe I can soften it up by soaking it in fabric softener. Maybe 🙂

I will post the finished product soon.


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