Cupcake purse Red Hat Club Style…

I have been neglecting my crochet and knitting for a while so this is the first project I have done in a looong while.

My mom was requesting a purse for her Red Hat club. So I wanted to get creative. I found this video on youtube HERE.   I made mine bigger. Its a cupcake purse, though my daughter says it looks like a pie purse. Sorry this pics are not that great.  This house doesn’t get much natural light so I have to hunt for good lighting and then I get this highlight from the sun and its dark on the other and I didn’t have time to work on it in lightroom.

The cupcake version:

If my mom wants more “puff” for the “icing” she can add some more rounds to the red.

My mom taught me basic crochet when I was a teen and that was over 20 years ago. I am so old, NOT!

She crochets blankets. I don’t. I don’t have patience so I do smaller jobs.

I just in the past couple of years learned how to follow patterns, learned the abbreviations, and lots of new stitches. I also taught my self to knit, though I am not very fast at it so I prefer crocheting.

The pie version:

NOTE: I will be going to a new blog and will be transferring all my crafty stuff to that blog.  I really want a blog for just ME and not homeschooling so look for that link to be coming soon. I am presently working on that blog and as soon as I get it finished then I will post that link 🙂


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2 Responses to Cupcake purse Red Hat Club Style…

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  2. Cathi says:

    Love the cupcake purse. Send soon please.


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