TOS Crew Review: Mayan Mysteries from Dig It Games …

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The Game: Mayan Mysteries
Grades 5-9
On-line Version: $21.99 (the version we reviewed)
IPad Version: $9.99

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The Game:

This game is a great adventure chasing artifact looters, digging up artifacts, discovering the Mayan Calendar, Mayan Math, visiting dig sites and learning about the history behind each site. You will also have fun mapping the Mayan civilizations and answering questions about to earn your way around the map (a digital board game).
Your team you are working with is Professor Alex Quinn and his nephew and niece, Fiona and Charlie. While your team is out having these adventures, they are also keeping their eyes open for clues to see who is looting the dig sites.  Will you find out who is looting?  And who is this Ladrone?

Our Experience:

 When we first started playing, my daughter said the game was just OK.  But the more she played, the more she began to enjoy it, then she got bored and needed to split up the playing into several days. This is a good thing because it kept her going back and making the game last longer than if she had tried to do it all in one day. She loved the comic book parts of the game but found the more detailed  reading to be a bit much for a game, which was the boring part for her. But that is actually my favorite part of the game.

You get to the “book” reading while you are in dig sites and you click on the people there who are there to help you along. During the reading in the “book” you read about different things like the civilizations, how they lived, worked, farmed, and so on. In the reading there are words that are underlined and if you click on the underlined words, it takes you to another page and you can read more details about it. In this example, if you click on the word spices, it takes you to another page and you can learn about the spices they Mayans used.

After this reading, you get a challenge. The challenges are how you get around the “game board” and move on to lose the looters who are hot on your tail. As you finish each section of the “game board” you learn a clue to find out who Ladrone is.
I personally was terrible at digging artifacts. I kept picking the wrong tool. I had lots of fun my self and I learned a lot. My favorite part of the fame was learning about Tikal. I love the architecture of the ancient buildings. 

I think the quality of this game is outstanding. The visuals are clear and interesting, not “bland”. The research and information that went in to the game is huge. There are tons of facts.  I would suggest a skipping feature for those things we would have liked to have skipped over and moved on. You do have the option of either doing an activity now or later, but you can’t skip anything, or just take a pass.

If you have a competitive spirit then you will like some of the other facts about the game as in the leader boards and achievements. You can also keep track of your clues for finding out who Ladrone is and your collected artifacts.
I think they should make a version for American History. I would really like that game.

I would recommend this game if you are going to be studying Central America in history.

If you are interested in trying this out,
click this LINK to play the demo.


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