TOS Crew Review: Chrisitanity Cove: Daily Dilemmas & Freedom Ride…

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 Your one-stop-shop for free Sunday School lessons, Bible games, crafts, skits and activities.

For this review I received 2 products. I will explain each one separately for you. They are written for Sunday School classes but can also be used in a home school setting.

Daily Dilemmas (
26 True-to-Life Devotions for Kids
for children 6-12 (even older kids can enjoy these, my 16 year old did)

$29 ebook

 photo 26devotions_zpse20f3cac.jpgDaily Dilemmas gives you 26 true-to-life situations that the student will read, look up related scriptures, and discuss possible solutions. Some of the topics covered are bullying, friendships, jealousy, lying, obedience, peer pressure, and many more. There is also a “reflection” for each scenario in the back of the ebook for the teacher to read and ad to the discussion, as well as an Index of Scriptures Used in alphabetical order by books of the bible.

The devotions are short and don’t take long to go over. We spent time discussing each of the solutions and what was either right or wrong but them. We also came up with our own solutions. For example, the first scenario was about shopping at a thrift store and before I could even read the possible solutions, my girls were blurting out they would shop at the thrift store with the friend to show support (my girls love thrift shopping).  There were some solutions we didn’t always agree with, but that is because of personal beliefs, and these solutions are for discussing and that includes if you disagree with them.

We really enjoyed this devotion ebook. We read one a day with our daily bible study or with dinner. It opened up communication for when or if they are ever in these situations, or if they have a friend who may experience them. These are very easy to follow. They are wrote in a simple way and it makes them easy to read quickly and to understand, and this makes for a big plus in my book. I can recommend them for home use because it is set up for reading with out having to do activities or prepare supplies for activities.  Even the majority of the scriptures used are short and easy to use as memory verses. This is so easy to use that I am having a hard time sharing this product with you because there is just not a lot of extra’s or distractions to it, and I love that about this product.  We plan on reusing it every 3-4 months by going over just a few scenarios just to spark fresh discussions and ideas. It is a keeper!

Freedom Ride  (
12 Lessons of Faith for Today’s Teens
for Teens / High School (we used this with a 13 & 16 year old)
$29 ebook
 photo freedomride_zps216d8368.jpgFreedom Ride is 12 weeks of Sunday School or Youth Group Lessons for High School students. The lessons are aimed to be an hour long.
Some of the topics covered are

  • How to talk to God
  • How to hear God
  • Finding your gifts from God
  • Gossip
  • Loving your brothers and sisters 

 There are loads of activities in these lessons that help get teens to get involved in the lessons. There are printables for the students for activities and also for take home, scriptures, teacher readings, group discussions, and more.

This ebook is set up for Sunday School classes, youth groups, and you could probably use it for co-ops. For us, we had a hard time with doing the activities because there are only 2 students here and you really need more than 2 students to really benefit and enjoy the activities. There are also some not so common supplies needed like little packets of mayo.  For this reason, we had to improvise on the lessons and only do the reading, scriptures, a few activities, and discussing. And with this, we added it to our bible study time and dinner discussions. The girls also took it upon them selves to read it on their own for self study. I encouraged “journaling” while doing the lessons.  If you have a chocoholic in the family, lesson 5 may or may not be your favorite lesson (no will power here I can tell you).

Even though we could not use these lessons in the way the author intended, doesn’t mean you won’t be able. If you have a large family, you could probably pull the activities off. The format is easy to read and follow. There is a lot of reading and I would suggest reading this ahead of time and organizing your reading and plan the hour out before you step in to the class.  You could use this for summer studies in your class, or if you timed it right for the fall you can do lesson 12 in December (my favorite activity is in lesson 12). The activities do have supplies that may have to be purchased a head of time and depending on your churches budgets, the teacher may end of purchasing some items, but I don’t think the items are expensive and you could possibly find some things that can be donated from your friends, family, or students parents (like fabrics, ribbons, reward candy, notebooks for journals, etc.).

A suggestion:

I do have one suggestion for the publisher and I am speaking this from my heart because this really bothered me. When I first went to the web page for each product, if I did not find them through being on the Crew, I would have said no way and closed the pages. As soon as I opened the pages, especially the Freedom Ride page, I got that feeling I get when I come upon one of those “scam sell you something useless” pages. I really would suggest to offer an actual store and include the videos on the products individual page that you can watch if you want. I would know that I was getting a real product from I really think this would help selling the products.
I know there is a product page, but I would really like to see those be to a store page. I would feel more secure about purchasing the products.  The way it is set up now, I would have missed out on a quality product that we enjoyed.



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