DIY Burlap Curtain for my new sliding door…

I hope the few of you that actually read this blog 🙂 enjoy my DIY and reno posts. I have been kinda working hard, I love this stuff so how can it really be called work?
I hope to have more photos of the house as it gets finished up. There are rooms that are almost done, but not complete yet but I will still post some photos because I can’t finish some things for a while longer due to budget or hubby needs to help when he has time. He has a lot of “honey do list” things as well as his own things he must get done for his self like getting the garage organized so he can get both our cars in it because he doesn’t like leaving cars out of a garage. Over memorial weekend we put french drains in all around our property so that took priority over my inside decorating jobs 🙂 I don’t mind, he needs to accomplish stuff for him self also around here.


I recently got this wonderful idea to make a burlap curtain for our new sliding back door.

What was I thinking? This stuff is a pain to cut straight and no matter how many times you  measure, it never comes out straight.

But anyways…

Here is Nessie helping out with putting away that cardboard tube…

Here are the accent colors. I really wanted to incorporate many different colors because I like having a bunch of colors in my kitchen. I chose red, lime green, pink, yellow, orange, and dark blue.

I cut the accent colors in strips and then put 3 colors per stripe to really give it a whimsical cottage feel. I think it turned out kinda nautical feeling which blends with the dining sitting room that is nautical. I think the house is really coming together nicely.

So here is the finished product. I literally put in my blood (pricked my finger with pins), sweat (I had the windows open and it got hot before I knew it), and almost tears! I really wanted to cry because I worked on this for 2 days and I was very frustrated putting the uneven pieces together.


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