Quad Crashers: Picking out a new front door color…

Some people may want a red door, or a blue door, or black, or what ever other regular colors are out there. But not I! I want a green and not a typical dark green. I want a deep bright green. 
So here are the colors we are voting on. 
Everyone who comes over has to vote on their top 2 they like. Then we will narrow it down. I am voting on the top one and the 3rd one down. Though I really like the names of the 2 bottom, Belfast and Hills of Ireland,  the other 2 colors are the ones I  like best. That long one to the left we already ruled out as soon as we put it on the door but I left it there just to see if anyone likes it, but its too bright. Our HOA would send us a nasty letter for it I am sure.  HOA’s can be good but they are a pain. I mean all the houses around me still have ugly 70’s and early 80’s colors that look like a mess of something, like no one has updated the outside of these houses ever, but at least I don’t have to live next to a purple house. I love purple, just not on the outside of a house unless its on a front door. 
I mean really, most these houses are browns and whites and not pretty shades either.  They need some serious updating. There are even some ugly blues, and I love blue.  OK, so off I go. I mean mostly you can see the age. Ok, so I will stop complaining, after all these houses have moved on to starter homes when in their day, they were where everyone wanted to live.
So as soon as the siding is done, which it is, the gutters have to go up in a few days and then I think we can post a picture, but the door won’t be done as we want to really take our time picking it to make sure its the right color because I plan on painting the inside of the door also.


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