Quad Crashers: New back door…

This nice little house was built in 1979 and no one has ever put a back door in., EVER!

Well, we did. I just don’t think its normal not to have a back door. There is one to the back yard through the garage, but that just isn’t the same.

So here it is, before and almost complete after. The kitchen is 98% finished. There are a few things like paint the ceiling, that needs to be done and maybe a few other minor things.

Tomorrow I will try to get the pics up of the open shelving that is finally complete. 

So here are some of the photo’s….

Hubby already took the  drywall off the wall here.

 Here he is double checking his measurements, the window is out.

 Here the door is in and waiting for drywall and paint. The new tile really shows it beauty now with all the natural light coming in.

And here it is finished…

Ignore the table, it doesn’t really go there, its just temporary.  The lighting is terrible and color is not right, but you can tell that from the other photo’s.


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